Zack Snyder explains Batman v Superman’s controversial objective

Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice situates global box-office records, grossing $166 m in Northern america and marking Warner Bros biggest three-day haul in China

Warning: this article contains spoilers .

Zack Snyder says he sidelined Superman at the end of Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Justice because he wanted Ben Afflecks Batman to build nascent superhero squad the Justice League in the movies sequel.

Snyders divisive movie climaxes with “the mens” of steel apparently dead following his battle with the Kryptonian monstrosity Doomsday and a nuclear detonation, although ripples of anti-gravity energy from his coffin indicate a resurrection is imminent. The American film-maker said he thought it was important for Superman to take some time out from the story.

I wanted Bruce Wayne to build the Justice League, Snyder told Entertainment Weekly. With Superman around, its a different dialogue when you create the Justice League, right? Its like, Me and Superman, we want to make a Justice League. Bruce Wayne having to go out and find these seven samurai by himself, thats a lot more interesting of a premise.

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