Wow, these are ambitious plans for ‘Final Fantasy XV’ updates

Image: Square Enix

It’s hard to say anyone saw this coming for Final Fantasy XV .

While the long-in-development game is a reached, there are plenty of things to criticize about it. And Square Enix has some aggressive plans for addressing the concerns raised by fans and in reviews.

“We have been listening to your notions on how to construct the game experience even better, and so in addition to the previously announced content, well be providing free updates to the game throughout the coming year, ” game director Hajime Tabata wrote in a new blog post.

What’s noteworthy is the nature of these changes. While some fall under the umbrella of standard game rebalancing like making a particular weapon feel more powerful others have the potential to switch up the flow of the game.

Tabata specifically mentions “Chapter 13, ” a late segment of the narrative that has drawn criticism for its overly linear and repetitive design in a game that otherwise celebrates openness and freedom. It’s not clear how that segment will change, but Tabata promised “gameplay enhancements.”

You can also expect some clarifications to the narrative, including clearer motivations for some of the choices made by Ravus, a member of the supporting casting. Improvements on the narrative side will take longer to enforce, however, due to the demands of localise the voiceover for different languages.

Most amazingly, Tabata notes that the developing squad is exploring ways to make additional characters playable and add more options for customization.

The bond between Noctis and his three traveling companions is in many ways the core of Final Fantasy XV ‘s narrative. Those three companions Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis aren’t playable, but they could be the characters Tabata has in mind.

Then again, each of the 3 is set to be the focus and perhaps star? of his own paid DLC episode. What if Tabata intends to let you bring in completely new party members, such as Gladiolus’ sister Iris, or the mercenary Aranea? Such a change would certainly shake up the “bro-ad trip” at the heart of the story.

The dev team is also looking at giving players new ways to interact with the game, including options for low-level playthroughs, “god mode, ” and carrying stats over into some kind of “New Game+ ” alternative. Additional boss and limited time available hunts are also a possibility.

Final Fantasy is an intensely story-driven series, and the single player entries have never been targeted for these kinds of updates. They’re the sort of changes that you’d expect to see in games like Overwatch or Destiny , both of which are “live games” that have continued to evolve thanks in big component to fan feedback following their release.

Tabata apparently wants to embrace that increasingly common developing ethos for Final Fantasy XV , and this is our first glimpse into what the update plans look like.

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