Why Bannon is losing

( CNN) One is the self-proclaimed Dark Lord in the House of Trump( you may call it the White House ). Profane, self-certain and supremely ambitious, Stephen Bannon looks like the old, scarred survivor of more combats than he can remember. His approach to government calls for destroying much of it, as per the so-called alt-right political movement, which insures him as an inspiration. “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power, ” he says.

The other is the young Prince of Light. Despite his heavy responsibilities, which include vexing domestic and diplomatic problems, Jared Kushner never seems weary or burdened. He strides across the tarmac, Air Force One behind him, accompanied by his Princess wife and holding his son’s hand. Kushner rarely speaks in public, and when he does, he exposes little of himself. “We should have excellence in government, ” he tells.

Palace intrigue is nothing new in Washington. Although it was muted in the time of No Drama Obama, the sport of jockeying for influence and favor is as constant as the Potomac and as old as the Republic.( So, too, is the sport of denying that the game exists .)

Source: No one is leaving the White House

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