Why a pizza shop in Ohio is hurling a free Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

On most days, Bada Bing! Pizzeria in Springfield, Ohio, simply cranks out the garlic knots and calzones( to great Yelp reviews ). But this Thanksgiving, it’s taking on a different role: as a refuge for people in need.

“A lot of people, just like myself, we don’t truly find what’s going on in the community when it is necessary to homelessness and poverty, ” Bada Bing! owner Jason Hague told Upworthy. “A lot of us just go to Walmart or the mall to go shopping and we just don’t find the plight of others that are in need.”

Hague had already planned to host a Thanksgiving dinner in the shop for his friends, family, and members of his staff who didn’t have anywhere else to go when he gues:

Why not invite local homeless and hungry people too ?

In order to make sure word got around, Hague put this sign in the window:

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