Twitter follows Facebook into the automated customer service space

Twitter is adding tools to help you more easily get customer service .
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Twitter is following Facebook into the automated customer service game.

The social network only rolled out new welcome message and dropdown response features for advertisers that are reminiscent of Facebook’s recent branded bots push.

The former allows brands to add an introductory message to any direct-message conversation that will set the terms of the customer service exchange before a user makes the first move.

The latter feature, called “quick answers, ” supplements those messages by giving clients a cookie-cutter list of possible responses when interacting with a business.

Working in conjunction, the tools are designed to cut down on response wait times and devote clients a better idea of the service alternatives at their disposal.

Twitter claims that customers who receive a prompt received in response to a Twitter message are anywhere between 3 and 20 percent more likely to shop at a devoted brand.

Nearly a dozen brands will inaugurate the twin features on Tuesday, including Airbnb, Pizza Hut and Spotify.

“I’m really excited about this new functionality that Twitter is releasing, ” said Tim Lopez, head of global social media customer care for Symantec’s Norton anti-virus software. “These new features will allow us to streamline some common tasks that we have, such as collecting customer info, while still being able to focus on creating a personal experience for our customers.”

Brands are an obvious and inescapable presence on any social media channel, but Twitter is perhaps where they’re at their most personable

It’s there they most often go to goofily weigh in on events of the day, individually respond to glowing or scathing the examinations and maintain the kind of highly visible personality that’s not quite possible on any other platform.

It makes sense then that Twitter has packaged this aspect of its services as one of its selling points to investors and advertisers alike bolstering it with a series of moves designed to make retailers more approachable for customer service issues.

The most recent addition to Twitter’s customer service suite follows the rollout of ads with built-in answers and possibilities for advertisers to add hours of service availability and more prominently promote direct messages.

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