Trump Watch, March 24 th, 2016: Devil Trump Invades The Stronghold Of Emory University, Slays All He Encounters

Trump’s inky shadow has been considered lately even among the hallowed foyers of America’s most holy and stalwart establishments and by that, of course, I mean the private universities which span this great nation of ours.

Most lately it was Emory University which felt the cold touch of the Donald’s influence. A lo, that touch was cold.

Now the student body at lovely Emory is a tough group , without doubt, but this, this is a bridge too far. The depiction of Trump’s name, “Trump”, written legibly in chalk is something that no true American would allow. The very name summons the spirits and demons of racism, sexism, and xenophobia whichwe have beenattempting to exorcise lo these many decades. But What Is To Be Done ?! in the face of such chalky hatred?

Ban? Did someone say prohibition? Not yet , no, but it’s not for lack of trying. There is pain at Emory, oh dear reader! Pain not seen in a thousand generations! Come, feel the ache of this poor angel, confounded by all she has seen.

Safety transgressed? Stillnes? My gods but what have we become. Animals? Something worse? Bear with me another moment for there is more pain and it is pain that must be seen to be believed.

Trump’s powers are many indeed for him to reach so far into the ivory fortress and ten-strike such a meander. Dumbledore, Snape, Gandalf, etc, help us.

In news…The Trump has a new icon, maybe. Please let it be so.

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It is official. Donald Trump has officially named Ted Cruz” Lyin’ Ted .” The moniker is everywhere on Trump’s Twitter feed.

And those four are only over the last six hours. Oops, better make it five. He only posted again.

” Lyin’ Ted” now appears alongside the other nickname zingers Donald’sgraced us with this campaign season including “Low Energy Jeb” and” Little Marco .”

[ youtube https :// watch? v= mp1gSBgMZAA? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

In other runnings on, Lyin Ted has a super PAC on his side called ” Awesome American” or” America Is Awesome” or something like that. They’re running this devastating ad against Donald.

Truly, Trump’s support among straight males is now destined to fell as they realize just how scorchingly hot his wife is.

This is all very mild stuff though compared to the fights that broke out over Trump not having enough seating capability at his rallies. People really get heated when they can’t sit down and last week’s skirmish in Tucson, Arizona is just an example of that.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= t_WScwLKfR0? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

Get more seating, Donald! The people outside are tired of waiting! I’m really not sure if he’s ever going to learn. Seating capacity and impatience has been an ongoing problem at his rallies since the beginning.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= YU3vcvGpALQ? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

Trump attacked Megyn Kelly again today saying she is” highly overrated” and to” focus on others !” He also assaulted Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and ran a poll asking who was the bigger liar. So far Hillary is winning. She’s probably happy to hear it. She likes winning.

He also attacked theWall Street Journal saying they’re bad at “math” or physics or whatever. He demanded they “apologize” for the limited availability of math or physics skills.

He also assaulted Ted Cruz again saying the reasons evangelicals won’t vote for him is because they are “very smart.”

He also assaulted Mitt Romney’s former campaign manager calling him “Sad!” He also assaulted Fox News for having bad and boring debates.

Donald won every state but Ohio on Tuesday. He has a new assault ad out where Putin chuckles at Hillary Clinton while she barks like a dog.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= gE4h6tOgVgc? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

The Kremlin was ecstatic at being featured.

They loved it.

Trump assaulted John Kasich today reminding everyone that Kasich isn’t a nice guy.” Watching John Kasich being interviewed- acting so innocent and like such a nice guy. Remember him in second debate, until I set him down .” Donald merely wants to remind everyone that the nice one , not John Kasich who is just nice. People who act nice have to be put down.

Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, and Ohio are all doing the GOP voting thing today. I predict that Trump will win the Black vote handily in both Illinois and North Carolina and Donald is predicted to win every state except Ohio.

There are reports out there that Trump’s name was left off of a bunch of Florida votes. I’m sure that’s just a mistake.

Also, people are accusing Trump of doing 9/11. I imagine we’ll start assuring attacks ads about it soon.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 5-NHxmJXMps? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

What a crazy weekend for trying to get into a Trump rally. Up in Chicago it looks like they didn’t sell enough tickets and a lot of peopleended upfighting to get seats.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= Be7qg1SOjZ8? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

Trump wine and steaks were not served at this rally. Coincidence?

Trump assaulted Fox News today telling ” Wow, you are all correct about @ FoxNews – totally biased and disgusting reporting .” I think he was talking to his adherents perhaps? Perhaps the entire internet? Maybe the Democrats? Anyway, it looks like Donald is on to them.

He also tweeted an ad saying he wants to keep “lightweight” Marco Rubio and” his friends” out of the White House. The debates are tonight so Donald will probably let Marco know this in person in case he didn’t see the ad. Donald’s pretty thorough, I believe. I don’t think he’d want Marco to miss the ad.

There was actually pretty an interesting incident at Donald’s North Carolina rally last night that a lot of people are making a big deal out of. A group called ” Black Lives Matters” was protesting there for some reason and were asked to leave. On their way out, a Trump supporter, patently trying to keep one of the protesters from falling backwards down the stairs, balanced the guy’s head with his fist and I think he overestimated the distance because the guy pitched forward up the stairs. Security was quick though and grabbed the protester and pulled him up the stairs to make sure he didn’t fall.

You’re always safe at a Trump rally it seems, so many people looking out for you.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 1gbPD2p_BTc? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& wmode= transparent]

Trump assaulted the Club for Growth today saying ” Phony Club For Growth tried to shake me down for one million dollars,& is now putting out nasty negative ads on me. They are total losers !” I’m not sure why hebothered talking about a phony club. I mean, if it’s not real then what’s the point? Just mark them spam and move on.

Trump didn’t sweep all four nations yesterday like everyone said he would. Ted Cruz won in Idaho. Donald seemed to take it pretty well and had Trump wine and Trump steak at his victory afterparty last night. He apparently has a palatial 600 acre setup on the Potomac River in Virginia where the grapes are grown for Trump wine.

He offered all the reporters free wine. I mean heended up screaming at one reporter but he still offered himfree wine. I don’t know if Trump had been drinking or if the reporter had but there was wine available. You could see it right behind him.

At one point he was really nice though and complimented a different reporter for being beautiful and so politically correct.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= OBcL2GKkvSg? version= 3& rel= 1& fs= 1& autohide= 2& showsearch= 0& showinfo= 1& iv_load_policy= 1& start= 4256& wmode= transparent]

So, all in all I think he was nice to everyone.

He did seem a little tired. He’s such a dynamo that it’s hard to tell but to me the area around his eyes seemed a little whiter than usual. Still, at the end of his speech he asked all the other Republican nominees to drop out so everyone could unite behind his campaign so I guess he wasn’t that tired.

The 10,001 stRepublican debate is tomorrow which is really great because they’ve all been very informative I think and really varied in the topics.

Donald was mad at Mitt and Lindsey again today. He tweeted that they’re both losers and that Lindsey was a drop out. He says it’s all very sad.

Today Mississippi, Hawaii, Michigan, and Idaho all report to the polls to decide whether they want to bring back Christmas or see it become another also-ran vacation like the Winter Solstice. Last night Trump promised Mississippians he’d save Christmas like Jason Alexander in that awful 2002 movie. The War on Christmas just seems to start earlier every year. Maybe Trump can stop that from happening.

He also released fourvideos, one for all the states, with Ivanka asking people to get out and vote. Ivanka is very pretty. I genuinely believe all those years running the Miss America pageant put Donald in touch with what Americans genuinely am worried about. The videos reflect that I think. Complex stuff, honestly.

Looking at the polls, the predicted simultaneous loss of all four states to The Donald tonight may cause the Earth to shake. I’m expecting tremors.

Donald Trump constructed fun of Marco Rubiotoday ina new ad. He told Rubio had been ripping the government and the Republican Party off through double billing and unapproved driveway construction.He also says Rubio is a lazy Senator who hardly ever shows up for his job. Then, after all that, hetweetedout that Rubio is a low energy guy, a stab at the man’s masculinity after Rubio said Trump had” small hands” and Donald had to go on tv and defend the sizing of his manhood.

Somebody else on Twitter saidthat the video proves a picture of the House instead of the Senate which is probably a little embarrassing.

Donald also made a videotoday aboutTrump University and demonstrated a bunch of hand-written reviews from people. He quoth the Better Business Bureauandseemed really serious about it and a little hurt that people might have gotten the wrong idea.

Tonight at 7pm he’s doing a rally at Madison County School District in Madison, Mississippi. He’s got five planned for the month. The guy’s doing a lot of traveling, it seems.

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