The Obamas fall in love in first trailer for Southside With You

Film which follows the presidential couple on their first date through Chicagos South Side in the late 80 s has already received positive reviews

The first date between Barack and Michelle Obama is brought to the screen in Southside With You, a Before Sunrise-style indie that has already received positive reviews at Sundance.

The trailer has now arrived, dedicating us our first real look at the romantic drama. Little-known actors Parker Sawyers and Tika Sumpter take on the results as the politically aware and ambitious twentysomethings who expend a day exploring the Chicagos South Side together.

It is written and directed by first-time film-maker Richard Tanne and being developed by John Legend. The film was well received when it premiered earlier this year at the Sundance film festival, with Varietys Justin Chang calling it disarmingly romantic and the Hollywood Reporters Todd McCarthy recommending it as warm and astonishingly engaging.

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While the Obamas themselves havent made an official comment on the film, Tanne claimed at a Q& A that they were supportive. Weve heard from some pretty reliable sources that they are aware[ of the film ], he said. They are aroused. And they are also a little baffled by its existence.

Tannes knowledge of the intricacies of the date itself has been informed by public-domain articles, interviews, videos and he claims the trajectory of the date is 90% accurate.

They went to the art institute, he said. They had lunch afterwards. They insured Do the Right Thing. They had ice cream. They kissed outside the ice cream parlor … there was some question as to whether or not the community organising session happened on the first date, or if it just happened early in the courtship, but dramatically it ran, so I only set it in. Again, its a fictionalised account, so I tried to be as authentic as possible.

Southside With You is released in US cinemas on 19 August with a UK date yet to be confirmed.

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