Sex harassment asserts could have sunk Casey Affleck. Instead, he soared

The treatment of Ben Afflecks artsy kid brother now basking in kudo for Manchester by the Sea stands in striking contrast to other lawsuits. Why?

Casey Affleck seems poised for grade-A movie stardom. After decades toiling in the shadows of his big brother Ben and childhood friend Matt Damon, he is tipped to sweep this seasons best actor awardings for his role in the drama Manchester by the Sea.

Critics have acclaimed his depiction of a heartbroken divorcee as a tour de force. Casey Affleck joins the ranks of giants, gushed Time Out.

If Hollywood likes one thing more than a comeback its a breakthrough, and for a celebrity-driven industry, Afflecks is especially satisfying: The Boston scrapper with under-appreciated talent and an artists spirit, too long languishing on the fringe, ultimately taking his place in the spotlight.

Affleck , usually press shy, has worked the awardings circuit with aplomb. In his acceptance speech to the New York Film Critics Circle this week a possible prelude to a Golden Globe this weekend and then an Oscar he read out stinging reviews the events host, David Edelstein, had made about his previous performances.( Sample: Affleck, though likeable, doesnt have a lot of variety and resorts to chewing gum to give his character through-lines .)

How, Affleck asked, does one survive such scathing and often accurate criticism? Truth is, theres never really been anything so horrible to say something about me that I havent either believed to be or said to myself. It was funny, poignant and self-deprecating and the critics lapped it up. Batmans kid brother was ultimately get his due.

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