Serial Killer Suspect Linked To Eerie Amazon Reviews

A suspected serial killer in South Carolina may have attained veiled references to the alleged killings in a series of product reviews .

Todd Kohlhepp, who is linked to up to seven deaths , was leaving the reviews under the name “me, ” NBC News reports.

In a 2014 review for a lock, the account links between Kohlhepp claimed to have five of them on a shipping container. Read the review below 😛 TAGEND


Kala Brown, 30, was procured alive locked inside a container on Kohlhepp’s property last week. Police say the body of her boyfriend, Charles Carver, was also found on the property.

The couple had been missing since late August.

Police have not corroborated if the Amazon reviews are the work of Kohlhepp. However, they belong to an account with a wish list in Kohlhepp’s name, and The Daily Beast reports that the reviews mirror some of the activity on his now-deleted Facebook page.