Review: PicoBrew Pico

Brewing beer is a complex mixture of art and science. To make a typical pilsner, for example, barley is malted, milled, then immersed in hot water to create wort, a liquid that smells like the perfect breakfast. Hops are added for bitterness and flavor, then yeast to make intricacy and, of course, make alcohol. Carbonation comes from forcing CO2 into the mix, or, with time, it can carbonate naturally, spurred along by feeding extra sugar to the yeast.

PicoBrew Pico

5/ 10


It builds beer!


It’s loud, it’s bulky, and you don’t learn a lot about brewing.

How We Rate

1/ 10 A complete failure in every style 2/ 10 Sad, truly 3/ 10 Serious flaws; proceed with caution 4/ 10 Downsides outweigh upsides 5/ 10 Recommended with reservations 6/ 10 Solid with some issues 7/ 10 Very good, but not quite great 8/ 10 Excellent, with room to kvetch 9/ 10 Nearly flawless 10/ 10 Metaphysical perfection

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