Review: Blu R1 HD

I started to enjoy the Blu R1 HD a lot more as soon as I let go of the word better.

Thats usually the word reviews pivot around, after all. Is this camera better than that one? Is this interface more responsive? Does this battery last long enough( likely not )? The Blu R1 HD asks an entirely different question, though. The only benchmark it needs to clear is: Can you believe this only costs $60? And honestly, I still cant.

Blu R1 HD

6/ 10


An insanely cheap phone for what it does. Android 6.0 with refreshingly few tweaks. Some pre-loaded Amazon apps are annoying to download otherwise.


Get used to lots of ads all day. The camera’s a mess. Can’t delete pre-loaded Amazon or Google apps.

How We Rate

1/ 10 A complete failure in every style 2/ 10 Barely functional; dont buy it 3/ 10 Serious flaws; proceed with caution 4/ 10 Downsides outweigh upsides 5/ 10 Recommended with reservations 6/ 10 A solid product with some issues 7/ 10 Very good, but not quite great 8/ 10 Excellent, with room to kvetch 9/ 10 Nearly flawless, buy it now 10/ 10 Metaphysical product perfection

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