Human walks amongst 9 wild bears like it’s completely normal

While we pretend bears are cute and cuddly beings, they’re actually dangerous animals perfectly capable of causing some serious damage. That doesn’t frighten George Hachey, though.

In a recent clip posted to Facebook, Hachey demonstrates his lack of anxiety for bears while promoting a safari park called Little Big Bear Safari in New Brunswick, Canada. In the clip, Hachey can be seen walking amongst the bears, and even feeding them. Hachey points out that he is surrounded by nine bears, which are completely dismissing him in favor of the food which he spread across the ground.

In an interview with Mashable , Hachey explains that the bears in the clip are all wild, and come and go from the park as they please.

“They are all wild bears at the Safari, the humans are currently under cage, ” Hachey told Mashable.

Image: George Hachey/ Facebook

Although most people would be terrified to be close to one bear, never mind nine wild bears, Hachey claims he has never had a negative experience with any bears.

While it may seem that Hachey is doing something good, some wildlife experts would blame the park’s practise of feeding the bears.

The National Parks Servicesays that feeding bears can result in them “losing anxiety in human beings and seeking human food, which resulted in visitor injuries, property injury, and the need to destroy ‘problem bears.'”( Not to mention interacting with wild bears could be dangerous to Hachey, even if they seem friendly, as anyone who has assured the heartbreaking Grizzly Man knows .)

But Hachey insists that the bears at his park aren’t dependent on the food they feed them.

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Regardless of the ethical dilemma, Hachey tells the park attracts guests from around the world, and reviews on Trip Advisor back up his claims.

“The entire experience was fantastic, ” one reviewer wrote. “We considered 13 bears and cubs. The proprietors are wonderful and add to the amazing experience. Even the ‘tree house’ was great. I highly recommend this for adults and children alike. You won’t be disappointed.”

Unless you’re Hachey, don’t feed the bears, OK?

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