‘Jumanji’ Cast Defends Karen Gillan’s Tiny Outfit, But We’re Not Buying It

Jumanji is back, butmaybe thats not a good thing.

If youre the only female is part of an ensemble casting, there are a few inequalities to deal with.

Namely, you merely get to wear a third of an attire, while everybody else is fully clothed.

Earlier this week, Jumanji 2 costars Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart released the first official images from the situate of their cinema. Purportedly, this is not a sequel; its a continuation of the games story.

Originally released in 1995, Jumanji starred beloved comedian Robin Williams as a son whod played a very mysterious board game and saw himself sucked into a jungle for 26 years.

Its not the plot thats upsetting fans of the original film, however. Its the wardrobe.

Redheaded actress Karen Gillan, formerly of Doctor Who fame and most recently may be in Guardians of the Galaxy, wears only a crop top and camouflage shorts in the image.

Not even worse on its own, right? Well, every male member of the casting is ordinarily clothed.

Gillans body is a possibility flawless, but why make a point of it for a childrens movie? Fans compared Gillans look to the cartoonishly over-sexualized Lara Croft, about whom many a suppose piece has been written.

After reading plenty of complaints from fans, The Rock explained,

Our dope 90 s vintage dress will all make sense when our plots revealed. Truuuuuust me. The journey continues..

Gillan herself added,

Yes Im wearing infant sized clothes and YES there is a reason! The pay off is worth it, I promise!

OK, one small problem here. If the plot happens to be about a child who gets sucked into the game and then grows up, like it seems Gillan is hinting at, the producer has still intentionally used a plot point to show off Gillans fit body.

As many others have pointed out, this debate seems like 2016 s answer to Bryce Dallas Howards stiletto-wearing character in Jurassic World and Scarlett Johanssons booty-first Black Widow in The Avengers.

There are plenty of excuses to construct, but ask yourself this: Would a male actor ever be asked to do the same comedic gag? To show off his body for whats scarcely more than a quick gag?

I leave you with this visual, created by illustratorJason Rainville.

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