I Watched All of Steve Bannons Bad Movies

Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO is also a documentarian, so I decided to watch all eight of his cinemas. I will never get those hours back.”>

Donald Trumps campaign chief executive Stephen Bannon is widely known as the notorious Breitbart News honcho and as a fierce Trump loyalist. He also happens to be one of the lousier right-wing propagandists to ever operate in Hollywood.

After he amassed his personal fortune in his years in investment banking, Bannon left it all behind and headed to Los Angeles to become a film producer. He began mainstreamfor example, he was the co-executive producer for Titus, the 1999 thriller and Shakespeare adaptation starring Anthony Hopkins.

But in the aughts, he turned to directing.

Now, its not too often that the head of a major-party presidential campaign has a past life as a director in Hollywood, so I eagerly sat down to binge-watch all eight of Bannons documentaries in one sitting.

Little did I know what a relentlessly soul-sucking endeavor it would be.

But I did it for you, the reader.

First up was his 2004 directorial debut, In the Face of Evil: Reagans War in Word and Deed. Upon first glance, its pretty clear that all that influence from the talented socialist and fascist filmmakers didnt do him much good.

In the Face of Evil has all the gravitas and memorability of a History Channel documentary, but without the Illuminati or space invaders. Its an eye-opening, educational documentary, only if you had no idea that Republican believe Ronald Reagan was good and the Soviet empire was bad.

The film depicts Reagan as a titan, a hero of Western civilization, conqueror of all commies. Naturally, the movie puts a happy face on the less savory aspects of the Reagan administrations anti-communist secret plan, such as all those days Reagan politically and financially backed rapist death squad.

Good versus evil in this epic narrative which chronicles Ronald Reagans crusade to destroy the most tyrannical and depraved political systems the world has ever known, the summary reads.

The marketing for the film portrays President Reagan in the same manner that Bannon might describe Trump todayas an foreigner, a radical, with extreme opinions, ready to wage glorious war against totalitarian evil.

A BRILLIANT EFFORTEXTREMELY WELL DONE, right-wing talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh blurbed for Bannons doc.

[ youtube https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= jlzPkpBthfA? fs= 1& wmode =op aque& showinfo= 0& enablejsapi= 1& playsinline= 0& autoplay= 0]

Next up was Bannons Citizens United Productions cooperation Generation Zero, a 2010 Fox News-endorsed love letter and blown kiss to tea partiers. The documentary features Newt Gingrich and John Bolton, and examines how liberal regulatory excess of the 1960 s led to our indebtednes and economy sucking today. The 90 -minute production, which you can opinion in its entirety below, is less a documentary and more a prolonged super-PAC ad that you immediately put on mute whenever it comes on in prime time.

If you enjoy watching Lou Dobbs tell you how you and your American kids were everlastingly bolt by the Democratic Party, then this movie is your best friend.

[ youtube https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= k3SLtP10NQ8? fs= 1& wmode =op aque& showinfo= 0& enablejsapi= 1& playsinline= 0& autoplay= 0]

In 2010, Bannon also wrote and directed smaller-time fare such as Fire from the Heartland and Battle for America, which stars someone who the cinema promotes as the countrys top political strategist Dick Morris.( Dick Morris is only the countrys top political strategist in the sense that he can never seem to prognosticate his way out of a paper bag .)

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