Homelessness survivor shares his journey from sleeping rough to becoming an author

LONDON A survivor of homelessness has shared his journey from sleeping rough in a park in London to finding success as an author.

Craig Stone on Twitter recounted the series of events that caused him to lose his home, his subsequent experiences of being homeless and how he eventually received permanent housing.

Stone set off his series of tweets with an explanation of the events which transpired shortly before he became homeless. He says he was almost 30 years old, working in the city and was “skint”, single and suffered by depression.

His landlord increased his rent to a figure he couldn’t afford, inspiring Stone to ask work for a pay rise. He was refused. Stone then went to his local council for help, who turned him away.

“I asked the council for help, they said talk to my landlord. My landlord told talk to the council. Bastards, ” wrote Stone on Twitter.

He then describes how he went to sleeping rough in the local park.

Living in the park, Stone’s writing endeavors came to fruition and he completed a novel.

His book devoted him a renewed sense of purpose and he grew worried that his volume would get wet, lost, or burned. So he turned to his sister for help.

As he sat and waited for Amazon reviews of his self-published work, hoping for a volume bargain, Stone got a message from a fan.

This message turned into a relationship.

Now, Stone’s life has been transformed dramatically.

Stone has also received success as a published author.

By telling his story, Stone hopes that people see that there can be happy ends to bleak situations.

Stone wants his followers to think of homeless person this winter.

“Tomorrow your rent could go up. Tomorrow inflation could rise. Tomorrow you could have an accident. All of us are one event away from aiming up on the street, seeming up at passers by, wondering how did it come to this? ” Stone told Mashable .

“Christmas is coming up, and its OK to give someone your time. And its OK to ask someone on the street their story. If you ask enough, youll realise that the person you are talking to, is you, ” Stone continued.

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