Harley Quinn’s Shorts Have Been Mysteriously Shrinking

I don’t care how crap the reviews are, I will be going to see Suicide Squad tomake my ownmindup .

Now that we’ve got that out the style, let’s discuss something a little more nonsensical, like the deepening mystery of Harley Quinn’s shorts.

Here’s the international trailer :

And here’s the trailer from the San-Diego Comic-Con

You see that? Those shorts have shrunk somewhat. Robbie was asked by Nova if she knew anything about it, and she told 😛 TAGEND

I didnt know about that having been there on the day, they were very small but wow, I wonder if they did? That would be extensive Photoshopping to do.

Are they demonstrating more of her legs to adapt to a potentially more male audience at Comic-Con? Who knows, but it would go against what Robbie told when speaking to The New York Times about the shorts. In an interview, a few months ago, she said Harley Quinn didn’t wear the shorts to draw attention to her ass, but because they were’ sparkly and fun.

[ youtube https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= _XDSNaXeaWQ? feature= oembed]

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, they have done the opposite and gone for the skater girl looking . Enough of this, I simply want to see the movie already …

[ youtube https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= smHxeRdf7oI? feature= oembed]

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