Eric McCormack on Will& Grace Revival Rumors, the State of Gay TV& Time-Traveling Spy

While promoting his new show, Travelers, the Will& Grace star corroborates revival talks and explains why, after years of trying to move on, he’s ready to revisit Will Truman now.


Lets get it out of the way.

Were talking, Eric McCormack tells when I bring up the Will& Grace resurgence.

Following the viral jolt of nostalgia fired up by an election-themed sketch starring the Emmy-winning cast 10 years after the slapstick went off air, it was reported that a 10-episode limited series resurgence was also in the works at NBC.

The four of us are into it, and so is Max Mutchnick, who created the show, McCormack, who played gay lawyer Will Truman for eight seasons on the series, elaborates. Its about bigger forces-out right now. Thats all I can say.

The typical industry gag order on such plans puts McCormack in a little bit of an uncomfortable situationmums the word, save for marriage love to! Its one stimulated slightly more uncomfortable given the fact that, like Will& Grace co-star Megan Mullally, who has given similar updates on the revival while promoting her new slapstick Why Him ?, he is on a press tour for an entirely different series.

It only happens to be a press tour in the age of Will& Grace revival rumors.

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McCormack is visiting The Daily Beasts headquarters in New York to discuss his addictive new Netflix series, Travelers. From Stargate creator Brad Wright and centres on spies from the future, its the kind of a show that Will and Grace might have stimulated fun of, but is actually quite clever and engrossing. When he arrives at the Beasts office, staff members gawk at the actor who himself appears as if he only stepped off a hour machine.

In a gray sweater and tight jeans, McCormack looks as if hes walked directly out of one of the Will& Grace reruns we have saved on our DVR, so much so that when he casually drops his age in midst of our conversationhes 53 were seduced to Jack McFarland-style dramatically fall of our chair.

The reason thats worth bringing up is not to titillate one gay millennials eternally unrequited crush on a Tv character, but because everything that contributes to stirring up Will& Grace nostalgia is, simply, wonderful.

Its wonderful because of what that show meant, and have continued entail, to the gay community. Its wonderful because of how the show changed television and, as Joe Biden famously said, the minds of the American people. Its wonderful because the show was just damn funny.

But its wonderful becauseand this is hard to believeWill& Grace was the last successful series on broadcast television to be about gayness, and it went off air 10 years ago.

There have been series that lasted for one season or less, and, sure there is Mitch and Cam on Modern Family. Ellens bravery cant be undersold. But Will& Grace is the last time a television series on one of the Big Four networks( ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) for which being gay was the pointand people still watched.

It is astonishing, McCormack tells me. And, as “theyre saying”, for it to be the pointthats going to be really hard now post November 8th for people to do that as a whole show, referring to an election that signaled a retreat backward in terms of equality.

He notices it most starkly in the ages of people who come up to him to say that the show has enabled them come out to their parents, or accept themselves. They were teens in 1998 when the show began, and, thanks to reruns and few other options for visibility, theyre teens today.

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