Daniel Radcliffe Plays A Farting Corpse In His Latest Film, And People Aren’t Thrilled About It

In Swiss Army Man, currently demonstrating at the Sundance Film Festival, Daniel Radcliffe plays a corpse who washes up on a desert island, just in time to stop a castaway from killing himself .

Said castaway, played by War and Peace star Paul Dano, tries to resurrect the body- hoping it’ll provide him with some company- but then when he fails, and it begins farting, he decides to use the body as a jet-ski, powered by all the gas, and escape from the island instead.

This doesn’t work, but don’t worry. Hank the castaway receives a whole lot of other uses for this corpse( including turning his mouth into a cannon, somehow) and eventually it begins to communicate with him.

It’s various kinds of like Castaway, merely a lot weirder, and with a lot more farts.

In any case, the cinema has had hugely mixed reviews. At its first screening, a lot of people strolled out, and Esquire described it as “the longest fart joke in cinema history”, while Kate Arthur said it was “annoying, puerile, frustrating”.

We’d be lying if we told we weren’t intrigued..

Since Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has starred in a wide range of cinemas- from romcom What If, to indie biopic Kill Your Darlings.

This is definitely the weirdest yet .

Image Credits: Uproxx, Snitch Seeker

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