Dancer defies gravitation without “losing ones” AirPods in Apple’s new ad

Whether you’re strolling up walls or dancing in reverse gravitation, Apple’s wireless AirPods won’t slip out of your ears.

At least that seems to be the message of the company’s first Tv ad for the devices set to replace earbuds.

In it, the Cupertino tech giant enlisted freestyle dancer Lil’ Buck to take a gravity-defying stroll through the streets of Mexico City to the tune of pop duo Marian Hill’s “Down.”

In stylized black and white, Buck dances sideways along auto doorways, up the sides of buildings and upside down beneath the glowing lights of a theater marquee all without missing a beat.

One of the biggest frets people had about Apple’s decision to nix the iPhone’s headphone jack was that earbuds-sans-wires would be constantly falling out and getting lost.

Addressing those fears in an interview last autumn, Apple CEO Tim Cook insisted that he personally utilized the AirPods while working out, taking walkings and even dancing without ever having that problem.

Much of Apple’s marketing around wireless earphones thus far has emphasized the freedom they offer from the hassle of cumbersome cords. A star-laden commercial for Apple-owned Beats by Dre last autumn utilized the self-empowerment-themed song “No Strings” to construct that point.

Here, it seems Apple is underscoring that flexibility by freeing its superstar from gravity.

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