Guess The Celebrity Indulging In A Luxurious Gold Facial!

How fancy!

On Thursday, a very blessed star took to

Despite the glowing reviews, current realities star( above )! wasn’t so sure about this fancy process…

Ch-ch-check out who the gold facial first-timer is( below )!

Yep, it’s Caitlyn Jenner ! The I Am Cait alum dished on the neat process in a #TBT post.

The celeb joked 😛 TAGEND

“It looks like I should be a character in a sci-fi movie … no one told me “thats what” facials were !# scifacial #tbt. “

Ha! We can’t say we disagree with Caitlyn’s “sci-fi movie” assessment.

So, would YOU ever try a gold facial?

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Gilmore Girls Revival Is A Wrinkly Quilt Of Quick-Talking Nostalgia — With An End Fans Always Deserved! Read The Review Roundup!

It’s been almost a full decade since Lorelai and Rory Gilmore executed their signature rapid-fire repartee while discussing love, life and happiness — and thankfully, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life fills that void in all its small-town glory.

At least, that’s what most of the critics had to say in the first round of reviews for the highly-anticipated Netflix resurgence series!

Fans of the original WB dramedy have to wait until November 25 to insure Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel return to Stars Hollow, but the luck reviewers who got a first look at the four-part miniseries say it’s well worth the await!

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While most critics agree the casting seamlessly fit back into their hyper-caffeinated characters, there was also a consensus that the 90 -minute episodes felt a bit depicted out and muddled down by extensive cameos.

Like most TV reboots, Gilmore Girls also felt a little stuck in the past — and while the pop-culture references were updated to include Kardashians and man-buns, spectators felt some storylines were forced, sacrificing character development for fan-service.

But on the whole, critics seemed to agree: the Girls are back in township, and fans will NOT be disappointed!

Ch-ch-check out the reviews for yourself( below )!

Jeff Jensen , EW : “Listening to the rhythm, lilt, and inspired speech of[ the characters’] dialogue is music to the ears and in one hilarious passageway, conveys in the form of an actual musical. It offer a welcome dose of hilarious and humane escapism that satisfies like a nostalgia trip even while subverting it. It tells a story about sorrow and change, rootlessness and restlessness. The show is basically a reboot about the struggle of rebooting.”

Maureen Ryan , Variety : “Everything Gilmore Girls tries to pack in the witticism, the whimsy, the pop-culture references, the family conflict, the perfectly calibrated insults, the set pieces that go on a bit too long can feel pretty pummeling at a 90 -minute running time. The show is sometimes too overstuffed for its own good. So here’s a recipe for enjoying this new edition of Gilmore Girls : Get a blanket and a mug of cocoa, and watch 30 or maybe 40 minutes at a time.”

Daniel Fienberg , The Hollywood Reporter : “Especially in the early “seasons, ” A Year in the Life is warring with itself, as Sherman-Palladino wants to be picking up right where she left off, to act like there wasn’t a seventh season and there wasn’t a cancelation and like it isn’t 2016, leaving the miniseries stuck halfway between stagnation and needing to over-explain that the sand has continued through the hourglass.”

Jen Chaney , Vulture : “Graham, who was always the show’s most valuable player, slips back into Lorelai mode without missing a sarcastic beat. She’s still a deft handler of sharp, quick-draw dialogue, and … convincing in the more emotional moments as well. Bledel, always the weaker link in that mother-daughter chain, has become more assured in her performance, too, although, for a supposedly dogged journalist, she still types with all the urgency of that sloth in Zootopia . “

Chris Harnick , E !: “There are moments that went on for far too long and felt completely unnecessary, like the Stars Hollow musical and reappearance of a few characters. Not everything is perfect. However, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has come along at merely the right time. It’s comforting and familiar, with enough resolution to satisfy and enough open-ended questions to induce revisiting Stars Hollow absolutely necessary, sooner rather than later.”

Alan Sepinwall , UpRoxx : “Even some of the stronger material falls victim to the compromises required of almost any reunion. Because Melissa McCarthy is otherwise engaged being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, for instance, we get a lot of clumsy rationalizations for why Sookie is never around whenever something’s happening at the Dragonfly Inn, despite being Lorelai’s best friend and business partner. The one scene in which she was able to appear is excellent one of the highlights of the entire enterprise but it also constructs her absence from a later scene more confuse than if she hadn’t popped up at all.”

Robert Blanco , USA Today : “For every misstep, there’s a few moments from Graham or Bledel that stimulates you laugh or violate your heart, or that cuts through the cuteness to ring absolutely true. And even at its most exasperating( as with those infamous “final four words” ), there is so much talent and charm on display, you’re likely to be in a forgiving mood.”

Dave Nemetz , TV Line : “The town of Stars Hollow remains a quaint throwback that’s seemingly frozen in time Miss Patty’s still teaching dance; Taylor’s still an vexing busybody; Kirk’s still a weirdo but the dialogue is peppered with up-to-date references to the Kardashians, Game of Thrones and man-buns. The typically clever, rapid-fire Gilmore banter is super charged here, as if inventor Amy Sherman-Palladino has been gathering one-liners for years and finally observed a place to put them.”

Emily Yahr , The Washington Post : “The bad news: It’s not perfect. It’s actually far from perfect. The resurgence has four 90 -minute chapters, and it turns out that 42 -minute episodes were the perfect quantity of day before the famously sparkling dialogue and wacky plotlines start to drag and characters’ flaws go from endearing to annoying. The best news: Fans won’t care. Because Gilmore Girls is back.”

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Zac Efron Shows Off His Pole Dancing Skills For Tom Cruise!

Bless you, Zac Efron.

The 29 -year-old actor stopped by the The Graham Norton Show alongside The Mummy starrings Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis this week when he was challenged by the British host to recreate the notorious photo of himbalancing his body horizontally on a parking meter. Yeah, you know the one.

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At first Zac was like, “Oh, who me? No, I couldn’t possibly…” and then he hopped up on stage and gave us what we were all hoping for to the tune of Apple Bottom Jeans !!!

Then afterward Tom joined in for some Les Grossman club action!


Watch it all go down( below )!

[ youtube https :// watch? v =P bEJbzuBgs4? ecver= 2]

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 9J2y_hBUUes]

This is why we love The Graham Norton Show!

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20 Fan Favorite Movie With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Ratings!

Rotten Tomatoes has become a go-to shorthand for quality.

The critical aggregator site gathers up all the positive and negative reviews and distills them into a single percentage number.

But sometimes the majority is merely … wrong! Whether they came out before their period or weren’t aimed at critics or simply inexplicably went over their heads, some of your favorite flicks get DESTROYED by the majority of reviewers.

See if YOU agree these numbers don’t match up with how you and your friends grade…

CLICK HERE to view “2 0 Fan Favorite Movies With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores! “

CLICK HERE to view “2 0 Fan Favorite Movies With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores! “

CLICK HERE to view “2 0 Fan Favorite Movie With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Rating! “

CLICK HERE to view “2 0 Fan Favorite Movie With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Score! “

CLICK HERE to view “2 0 Fan Favorite Movies With Shockingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Rating! “

[ Image via 20th Century Fox/ Warner Bros ./ USA Films .]

Iron Fist Star Blames Donald Trump For Bad Reviews!

OK, patently “were just” no way fans of

But that’s just what Finn Jones is doing in reaction to the

While there was mention of the cultural appropriation, the many critics we perused didn’t have room in their reviews to expend any time on it. They were far too busy talking about how the show failed at storytelling, casting, stunts, cinematography, and basically everything else.

In fact, several even slammed the stereotypical “evil billionaire” rogues along with the vigilante protagonist , not because some billionaires aren’t supervillains but because it was all so damn BORING!

Are YOU planning on checking out Marvel’s Iron Fist ??

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Pepsi’s New Flavor Is More Tasteless Than Their Kendall Jenner Ad — Assure What Twitter Is Saying

We don’t guess Kendall Jenner going to be able to Pepsi put under this fire.

It seems the soda company was trying to distract you from their terrible PR by infusing their cola with cinnamon — but the early reviews are in, and it seems Pepsi is striking out again!

According to the brand, Pepsi Fire will be stocked in stores for eight weeks beginning May 22 and is supposed to be “an unexpected and spicy twist to our classic cola taste.” It will be sold in cans, 20 -ounce bottles, and as a Slurpee flavor at 7-Eleven. Oh boy.

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People who have gotten their hands on the liquor have already called the drink “disgusting” and “unequivocal bad, ” and seem to be getting unwelcome flashbacks to having too many Fireball Cinnamon Whisky shootings in college!

Ch-ch-check out some of the displeased reactions( below )!

Thomas Gibson Considers Return To Comedy Following Dramatic Firing From Criminal Minds

Hmm … perhaps this isn’t such a bad notion!

In a brief interview with the Hollywood Reporter , Thomas Gibson touched on his dramatic firing from Criminal Minds and what he plans to do next in his career.

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For those who may not recollect, long before Criminal Minds even existed, Gibson starred in Chuck Lorre ‘s husband and wife comedy Dharma and Greg . The performer portrayed Greg, an uptight yet lovable guy married to a wacky hippie named Dharma.

During the show’s five season operate, Thomas received positive reviews from critics for his comedic chemistry with costar Jenna Elfman . It was undoubtedly a great time in the 54 -year-old’s life.

Now that T.G. is a free agent, he’s thinking about resuscitating his funny bone to salvage what’s left of his career, telling THR :

“People always mention that they’d love to see me in a comedy again. Perhaps it’s hour laughter being the best medicine.”

Well, as long as the South Carolina native gets some help with rage management, we don’t ensure why this can’t be a potential. Ditching booze might not be a bad notion either

Luckily for the troubled superstar, Dharma and Greg co-executive producer Don Foster is down with the potential career change, reminiscing 😛 TAGEND

“Thomas brought something essential the ability to be at once charmed, befuddled and impressed by Dharma.”

What a nice compliment!

So, do YOU think Thomas should take on comedy again? Maybe even a D& G revival ??

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