Suicide Squad blunders as Sausage Party makes a sizzling start at the US box office

The latest addition to the DC universe retains top spot but drops 67% on its second weekend, while Seth Rogens R-rated animation is cooking with gas

Suicide Squad, David Ayers take on the DC Comics antiheroes, experienced a 67% drop in box office during its second week of release, following poor reviews.

The failure to sustain business past its opening weekend mirrors that of Warner Brother last superhero movie: Batman v Superman: Sunrise of Justice which was also mauled by critics find a 69% drop in business in its second week.

Ayers film however remains at the top of the US chart thanks to a $222.9 m( 172.6 m) take to date. Second place goes to a new entry: Sausage Party, the R-rated animated slapstick about foodstuffs facing their use-by date, which get off to a sizzling start with $33.6 m. The film stars Seth Rogen as a frankfurter who finds out that food gets eaten.

Disneys latest live-action outing, Petes Dragon, was in third place with $21.5 m in its opening weekend. David Lowerys remake of the 1977 kids movie, about an orphan who befriends a goofy mythical beast, has scored highly with critics and is predicted to do well as the school vacations continue.

The weeks other new release, the Meryl Streep comedy-drama Florence Foster Jenkins, charted at No 8. Stephen Frearss film, based on the real-life story of the tone-deaf opera singer, took $6.6 m.

US top 10 box office, 12 -1 4 August

1. Suicide Squad, $43.8 m. Total: $222.9 m
2. Sausage Party, $33.6 m. Total: $33.6 m
3. Petes Dragon, $21.5 m. Total: $21.5 m
4. Jason Bourne, $13.6 m. Total: $126.8 m
5. Bad Moms, $11.5 m. Total: $71.5 m
6. The Secret Life of Pets, $8.8 m. Total: $335.9 m
7. Star Trek Beyond, $6.8 m. Total: $139.7 m
8. Florence Foster Jenkins, $6.6 m. Total: $6.6 m
9. Nine Lives, $3.5 m. Total: $13.6 m
10. Lights Out, $3.2 m. Total: $61.1 m

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