Solved: Missing Head Of Baby Jesus Is Back

A terracotta replacement head for a newborn Jesus statue in Canada depicted international ridicule on Twitter and Facebook.( Gino Donato/ The Canadian Press via AP)

The caper of the missing newborn Jesus head has been solved. A woman who snatched the head from the statue in a churchyard in Canada returned it after the tale became international news, the CBC reports.

That happened after a local artist sculpted a new noggin in red terra cotta with lizard-like eyes and spiky hair a la Maggie Simpsonand depicted global contempt for her trouble.

The head of baby Jesus, cradled in the arms of a sedate Virgin mary, has been a frequent target of vandals at the Sainte-Anne-des-Pins Catholic church in Sudbury, Ontario.

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After the latest theft, the pastor said he would forgo ordering a replacement that could cost as much as $10,000. That’s when local artist Heather Wise stepped in, crafting a “temporary replacement” that one Twitter user likened to ET and another to a “demonic hedgehog.”

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