Scenic Tourist Spot In China Offers Transparent Bathrooms

Don’t miss a few moments of the action while touring China’s scenic Shiyan lake.( iStock)

There is, we must say, a day and place to sightsee. The moment you alleviate yourself in the bathroom is not one of them.

Some Chinese officials, however, really want you to enjoy the pleasantries of one picturesque park even when you may be urinating in the bathroom.

The Telegraph reports anyone visiting Hunans Shiyan Lake are in for the kind of treat that is going number 1 in nature.

According to these images, the answer to whether a tourist goes in the timbers is a resounding yes.

Transparent bathrooms with glass walls open to the public at Shiyan Lake scenic area in Central Chinas Hunan province.

The same pond that flung a bunch of swine into the water for a May 2015 festivity deemed to be brilliant move to also offer a nice view of the park without the encumbrance of a wall that would overshadow the woods.

In this case, you get a clear position of the forest as well as, well, other restroom regions. The Telegraph explains: Only a lightly frosted wall separates the mens and womens cubicles and the urinals have a stellar position of the neighboring WCs.

Essentially, we hope you arent shy or have a gigantic bladder, because you may only catch more than you bargained for at the lagoon until, we hope, the issue is remedied.

Now the lake is said to be a popular hot-spring destination and boasts a 4.9 onTripAdvisor with nine reviews as of this writing. Its also listed as the second most popular thing to do in Changsha County.

The South China Morning Post explains that a foggy coating was to be applied to the separating walls from both bathrooms but had not as of the coming week, which led to very clear views of the other restrooms.

Now this was on Thursday, so we imagine the issue has since been resolved.

Or there are myriad people doing the uncomfortable dance that ensues when you are holding it.

A park official tells the publication, We wanted to make it something unique exciting and adventurous. And to that end they have succeeded.

Back in 2014, some in Berlin had a similar situated of circumstances play out when a bathroom was placed inauspiciously to allow those on the street to position people using the facilities.

We now take back everything we said about those rest stop bathrooms we all encounter.

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