‘Samantha Bee’ Imagines Trump’s Twitter Reviews Of Meryl Streep Films

The staff at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee obviously couldnt wait for Wednesdays show to addressDonald Trumps Twitterresponse to Meryl Streeps Golden Globes speech, in which he called herover-rated.

So the political satire program took to Medium on Monday to post a series of imagined movie blurbsas tweets from the president-elect assuming Twitter had been around for some of Streeps older films.

A critique dated Dec. 9, 1978 reads: The Deer Hunter: Entirely unrealistic! Why didnt they all only draft-dodge out of Nam like I did !?

Another on Dec. 19, 1985 says: Out of Africa: Africans Should Remain IN Africa! No more refugees!

Trumps Movie Blurbs can be read in their entirety on Medium.

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