Review: TreePod Camper


For those of us who are innately distrustful of nature, there is something instantly appealing about a tent that is suspended in mid-air. No hard ground to sleep on , no glitches( or snakes !) crawling in–just pure, elevated bliss.

Such is the idea behind the TreePod Camper, a two-person tent that you hang from a tree with a single duration of rope. The idea stemmed from TreePods first eponymous product, a smaller tent mainly designed to give children a rapid and easy treehouse that can be erected without having to set foot in a Home Depot. That might be fine for junior, but this upgrade–measuring 54 by 84 inches at its base–offers something two adults could actually spend the night in.

TreePod Camper

5/ 10


A definite conversation piece around the campfire. More comfy than sleeping on the ground. Effectively maintains critters out.


Assembly is backbreaking. Balancing the tent involves constant tinkering. My spouse calls it a lovely addition to our yard, which translates to: a $575 addition to our yard.

How We Rate

1/ 10 A complete failure in every way 2/ 10 Sad, actually 3/ 10 Serious flaws; proceed with caution 4/ 10 Downsides outweigh upsides 5/ 10 Recommended with reservations 6/ 10 Solid with some issues 7/ 10 Very good, but not quite great 8/ 10 Excellent, with room to kvetch 9/ 10 Nearly flawless 10/ 10 Metaphysical perfection

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