Queer Women Of The Internet Are Fangirling Hard Over ‘Ghostbusters’

This weekend, the woman-led “Ghostbusters” reboot made a quick $46 million at the box office. The cinema has received tons of praise for featuring four women in leading roles where they aren’t reduced to objects or pawns in a( heterosexual, male-driven) love story.

But the “Ghostbusters” reboot has done more than set four badass women at the front and centre of a Hollywood summer blockbuster. It has put a smart, hilarious queer woman right up there with the rest of them and the queer women of the internet are loving it.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the film’s director Paul Fieg did not explicitly say that McKinnon’s character( Jillian Holtzmann, technologist extraordinaire) was lesbian, but he certainly did not deny it. “What do you think? ” he asked The Daily Beast’s Jen Yamato, when she asked him about Holtzmann being homosexual. “I hate to be coy about it, ” he continued. “But when you’re dealing with the studios and that kind of thing…”

The film has received rave reviews for not sticking any of the leading dames in a love story, Holzmann included. But just because we don’t see Holtzmann making out with a woman doesn’t construct her on-screen queerness( or McKinnon’s off-screen queerness, for that matter) any less revolutionary.

AfterEllen’s Editor-in-Chief Trish Bendix echoed this, saying of Holtzmann 😛 TAGEND

If we’re to assume that the other women in the film are heterosexual…then we can just as easily assume Jillian is queer. Because even though it’s not the phase, it’s still important to us as queer spectators who are waiting for mainstream movies to stop using us as stereotypes and jokes and as major characters of a summer blockbuster action film.

Queer women have reacted accordingly, with hilarious, endearing, and ultimately celebratory responses to the cinema and, specifically, McKinnon’s character. Because at the end of the day, representation matters.

Read below for some of the hilarious reactions.

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