Pepsi’s New Flavor Is More Tasteless Than Their Kendall Jenner Ad — Assure What Twitter Is Saying

We don’t guess Kendall Jenner going to be able to Pepsi put under this fire.

It seems the soda company was trying to distract you from their terrible PR by infusing their cola with cinnamon — but the early reviews are in, and it seems Pepsi is striking out again!

According to the brand, Pepsi Fire will be stocked in stores for eight weeks beginning May 22 and is supposed to be “an unexpected and spicy twist to our classic cola taste.” It will be sold in cans, 20 -ounce bottles, and as a Slurpee flavor at 7-Eleven. Oh boy.

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People who have gotten their hands on the liquor have already called the drink “disgusting” and “unequivocal bad, ” and seem to be getting unwelcome flashbacks to having too many Fireball Cinnamon Whisky shootings in college!

Ch-ch-check out some of the displeased reactions( below )!

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