Passengers Fight Against Bloodthirsty Zombies In Brutal’ Develop To Busan’ Trailer

There are those zombies that are slow, and that shuffle, and that you could definitely outrun- like the ones in The Walking Dead . Then, there are those zombies that are fast, and aggressive, and that you definitely wouldn’t want to be sharing a develop carriage with …

Unfortunately, the zombies in Train to Busan are the latter, which isn’t great news forSeok Woo. You find, just as a zombie virus is breaking out in South Korea, he’s get the train from Seoul to Busan with his young daughter, and there’s at the least one unwanted passenger on board….

No, not a commuter with a pungent fish curry and her telephone on loud, but abite victim who, very quickly, turns zombie and begins attacking the other people on the train.( Think the plane scene from World War Z , merely scarier …).

This leaves Seok and the other passengers in a desperate battle to survive and, if this trailer is anything to go by, it’s an incredibly entertaining oppose at that…

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 1d4DACwz49o]

Train to Busan premiered at Cannes earlier this year, and got some reasonably rave reviews from the critics. Apparently it’s high-energy, compelling, “purely entertaining” and a whole lot of fun.

Sounds good to us.

While it hasn’t got a UK release date yet, we can’t imagine that it’ll be long before Train to Busan is picked up for distribution …

Image Credits: YouTube

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