New Jersey congressman grilled at town hall amid ‘resistance recess’ protests

Leonard Lance faces topics over healthcare, Russia and pushing back against Donald Trump from mostly hostile crowd

A packed auditorium mob booed, jeered and shook thumbs down signs at congressman Leonard Lance on Wednesday night, the latest legislator to experience the wrath of resistance recess protests across the US.

The mostly hostile crowd in central New Jersey wailed throughout the event, with interjections such as: What about the taxes ?, Answer the issues to !, Issue a subpoena! and Do your job! Topic operated the gamut from Russian election interference and Donald Trumps travel ban to the environment, abortion and healthcare.

When you say that youre pro-healthcare and youre going to help regular people, that doesnt sound right when you vote on bills like this, said Liz Mulholland, about Lances party-line vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act in February.

Outside the auditorium at Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg, protesters assembled hours before the town hall began and stayed after it concluded with signs and chants. Carmen Mendiola, who tried to attend but couldnt get a ticket for the standing-room-only event, decided to stand outside and demonstrate instead. Many watched a live river of the event on their cellphones.

It was one of many overflowing town halls this week, as constituents angry that members of Congress havent pushed back against Trump have coordinated across the US to exert direct pressure, and have besieged the typically sedate constituent sessions with protest signs and shouts.

I guess[ Lance] is so out of touch with whats going on in the world, he needs to listen to what the people in his district are saying, Mendiola said. And if hes not going to listen, were going to throw him out of office.

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