Internet Marketing Scams To Avoid

Internet Marketing Scams To Avoid

by David Harris

The internet is full of internet marketing and home business possibility swindle. Everybody knows this, but most people donat know how to tell the apart from legitimate websites.

These are a few internet marketing scams to watch out for when trying to find ways to make money from home with home business opportunities.

The phony running mom success story scam websites

These are the ones boasting claims of making hundreds per day on the first page with a simple opt-in page that take you to the fake single running mom story on the second page.

They pop up on a regular basis. The fake working mom sometimes goes by Michelle Withrow, Mary Stevens, Theresa Andrews and more, but these are the ones more frequently used.

These scams use a fictional operate mom to pull the heartstrings of those potential victims who are newcomers unfamiliar with their kind.

The scam usually uses a made up title for the fake working mom that is completely refutable.

I have tried to find these ladies’ real liofe info online to no avail.

Every site with a different female each time always calls them the” Number One Home Business Consultant in America” or some such nonsense.

The sole purpose of this scam website is to seduce you in through the fabricated story about a woman that became successful utilizing the internet marketing system she sells on the site.

The running moms get different simple names attached to the narratives each time, which incidentally are always the same tale.

Itas easy to see how people who are desperately seeking easy money running from home can get taken in by the hype this type of work from home scams hurl at them.

From the working momas battles and success with the scam theyare selling to the phony testimonies alongside stock internet images from public photo sites.

The Fake Checks scam

Right to the fake paychecks you see in all of them. This is the tip off. The majority of the time the scammers pull what is known as the link posting scam.

This entails having you be an affiliate marketer that determines sites online that they can buy ad space to set their clientsa ads for anything including product marketings, services or simply getting people to sign up to their email lists.

So how it goes is, you would have a bunch of various types of ads by different companies, so the point of what Iave laid out is that there is no one check that comes to you from doing this.

If you do happen to get paid for people clicking on your ads, your checks will not only be way smaller than the scammers present on their fake checks, but you get paid with separate little checks.

These sites that post fake checks are definitely scams to avoid.

Affiliate marketing sites with vague video presentations

These ahome business opportunitya sites merely present a paying performer or actress presenting a lot of hype yet very vague descriptions of what the hype is about.

This tactic is a lot like carnival barkers, and that is not a good way to build trust in any legitimate business. It constructs them seem like they are hiding something a and that is usually the case.

On most of these sites they are generally send you right to their buy page as soon as the video is over. That was a great red flag, especially since there is no explanation of what the abiz oppa is about.

The majority of these sites are just affiliate marketing schemes that donat usually do very much to help you succeed at internet marketing.

Most periods, they are offer a small component of a system and usually buildup it up as a aone button does alla type of program. The reality is that there are no such programs out there that do it all for you with simply one click.

Real affiliate marketers who work from home successfully spend a formidable amount of time running promotions for their products or services several hours per day on their computers.

Any website that offers an easy solution that constructs you thousands per week or day for only a few minutes of work per day are not to be trusted.

Mansions, expansive automobiles and yachts

There are a lot of abiz oppa sites that use this tired old gimmick to entice desperate people looking to get rich quick doing little to nothing for such riches.

Whenever you consider photos of these items alongside big piles of money you can be sure this is all empty hype for a home business possibility that really does very little for you..

No self respecting real and legitimate industries post such outlandish pictures offering the good life if you buy their product.

They also do not provide descriptions or details of what it is you would be doing to attain enough money to buy jets and mansions.

There is usually some kind of half cooked marketing strategy involved that almost always never runs the way they promise in the hype hurled around on the landing page.

Chances are that if you click on to the next page it will take you straight to their purchase page with no further explanations of the business model in between. Huge red flag there.

Your chance of getting those automobiles and villas and jets is very slim to none if you waste your money on scams like those.

The terms Academy and Institute

Any time you consider the words Academy or Institute in the titles of the home business opportunities you see in your email spam box you can be sure they are the opposite of what these names represent.

These types of scams donat diminish the meaning of real learning institutions, but they can fool those who donat know what charlatans the scammers genuinely are.

The scams that use educational terms in their titles have nothing to do with any actual learning of anything valuable to you.

If you search for the words academy or institute on our site search box you can see a large amount of scams we have already uncovered that use these terms in their business names.

Beware the fake certifications they dole out. They use phony titles like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Certification and other such meaningless titles to attain you think theyare legit.

You canat stroll those acertsa anywhere, believe it. Beware of these scams.

The aonly 2 positions lefta task scam

This is a common call to action trick used by scammers who disguise ways to make money from home with online marketing as some kind of job offer.

As soon as you opt in to the next page you will see a countdown clock ticking away the minutes as the scam tells you there are only so many ajob positionsa available, but they are not task sites at all.

Again, internet marketing scams seduce you in with the promise of a task, but if you click on their offer you have to pay a fee to join, then they charge you monthly.

Many times, these scams not only charge you a monthly fee but they do everything they can to take more money from the card number you give them without your knowledge.

You may want to watch your bank account carefully if you have fallen for one of these scams. You should probably cancel the card they have on file, too.

To get back on point, there are no tasks to be had; simply a very risky business venture that you will never profit from, but you are able to inevitably lose money on.

Once you join, they sic the boiler room hounds on you to get you to upgrade to their useless abusiness coachinga upsells that can go for thousands of dollars a and they are very good at what they do.

The news logos and video

This is the simplest yet most effective trick used by scammers. They often look like a news report and they always use news network logos at the opening of the pages.

They do this without authorization and in every suit, without the knowledge of the news organizations they steal the logos from.

Scammers use this trick to make it look like they are endorsed by the news. News networks donat have the resources or time to go after these tricksters because there are just way too many scam sites.

Right under the news logoes you will see an automatically opened news clip with an interview of a working mom who praises running from home.

These are 4 or 5 videos that they switch up on each different scam website. Every single one of them is being used without the authorization of the news channels they steal them from.

Scammers put up so many of the scam sites that it is nearly impossible for the news networks to come after them. They simply donat have the staff to pursue them so they get away with it.

It is the same with the watchdog government agencies like the FTC and others. Every single scam is registered through what is known as a proxy that conceals the scammersa info.

There are allegations that some may be run out of the country by mobsters or by companies concealed by proxy that protect the mobsters.

They may be outside of the jurisdiction of our government and most periods we just absence the manpower and budget to go after them just like the news networks who also cannot afford to seek them.

The Bait and Switch con

After they get you to sign in by lowering the join fee every time you try to exit the site, they then call you and tell you there are better and improved programs that will work better than the one you initially signed up for.

By atheya, I mean the sales teams that work the boiler rooms of these scams. These people- and I use the word loosely- are aggressive, persistent and will outright lie to get as much of your money as they can get.

Many have complained to us and other forums online elsewhere about getting ripped off by these scams. It is heartbreaking when we get the ones who tell us they got taken for thousands of dollars.

When they try to get their money back the scammers are nowhere find work. This happens more periods than you can imagine. That is how good these swindlers are at their con.


These are but a few of the scam tactics we come across during our the investigations and as we test every online home business possibility we review and expose when the need arises.

We have learned much and expended more in order to give you our quality reports to help you save money and keep from getting ripped off.

At this point you should probably know that doing some the investigations and background checks into whoever you are dealing with is so important in the internet marketing industry.

Out of all the online home business opportunities we review here at ScamXposer, there are very few that we find to be genuine companies that actually help you make money with online marketing.

We hope this information has been helpful and of use to you. When go looking for ways to earn a living online there is a requirement to do our due diligence.

By taking a little extra time to research the home industries you are interested in or that have contacted you either personally or by email, it simply might save you time, money, and heartache before itas too late.

Thanks for reading…

– David

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