How to negotiate the pay

Hi all,

My dad owns a store where he was scheming on selling it to person, but after 6 months of an initial agreement, that bargain has fallen through and they are saying “we want our initial deposit we gave you back and we want wages for these 6 months of working here”.

So my daddy agreed and has now put me in charge of working out the wages. We have both agreed that the maximum this party will receive is PS18, 200.

Now from here, I want to subtract a loading of fund to pay them less. With the store, they also own a barn that was rented out, a flat they stayed in and a flat next door. Plus, they claim after the first 13 weeks, they started taking approximately PS400 a month as their own wages.

They said they don’t want to have to pay the rent for where they are staying as we will pay them less than minimum wage, to which my dad agreed.

Now the subtractions I’m making are 😛 TAGEND Subtract the barn and other flats rent, that they have been maintaining Run out exactly how much fund the store should have from its bills and till reads. This will then tell me how much fund I expect to have without them taking any and use this as a route of determining if PS400 is right or if it should be less.

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