How to get a job at Facebook from the person who heads recruiting

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Once again, Facebook’s being recognized as an incredible place to work. Glassdoor’s annual list ranks it as the number one tech company to work for, based on the last year in employee reviews.

Lori Goler, who’s worked at Facebook since 2008 and serves as their “Head of People, ” is, of course, one of the people the company can thank for that. She’s overseen Facebook’s growth from 500 employees to more than 14,500 across 50 offices in 30 countries.

The annual listing isn’t the only ranking she takes into account for personal job satisfaction, though Facebook conducts its own internal the examinations and surveys. And in accordance with those, there’s a lot to like about is currently working on Facebook.

But a few common themes resonate, she said.

“People who work here tell us that has implications is extremely important to them, so is available on a role that has great impact is important to them, ” Goler told Mashable . “I think they would tell you that having the opportunity to do work they enjoy and play to their strengths is important to them and that people really like to learn and grow.”

For those interested in a job at Facebook , Mashable asked Goler how to hack the interview process and what she loves about is currently working on the tech company. The interview has been edited for clarity.

I want to work at Facebook. What do I do first ?

The first thing for people who are considering is currently working on Facebook is actually understanding what it’s like to work at Facebook. I find that a lot of people, almost all the people who come to work at Facebook, genuinely feel connected to the mission of the company to construct the world more open and connected. They’ve either had an experience themselves with Facebook or a family member or the style they keep in touch with friends far away, or they’ve been exposed to the impact of Facebook in the world and that is meaningful to them in some way.

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For the college mob, we have a great internship program that’s an important part of getting to know Facebook. We’re always especially excited when we have a chance to meet women or other underrepresented minorities who are studying computer science in school. It’s an important part of what we believe we need to continue on this mission.

We’re excited to have this program that we call Facebook University that is for students who are on the early side of their college experience. We find a lot of them eventually come here full-time. It’s building long-term relationships with students.

What’s a perk that might not be obvious to someone appearing from the outside ?

A reason a lot of people love being at Facebook is the other people at Facebook. I think they find that they’re constantly challenged. They’re in a position where they’re really almost never the smartest person in the room, where they’re really learning and growing from the people around them.

Another thing that’s hard for people to know until they get here is the warmth and sense of household that we have at Facebook. One of the things that ran viral a couple years ago is hashtag FB Family. In particular, we use the Workplace product and one of the hashtags you’ll often see is hashtag FB Family.

Is there anything I should keep on my resume and anything I should keep off ?

We actually believe that people should bring their authentic egoes to Facebook.

Be honest and clear about the things you do best and enjoy. We really want to be sure that when people get here they are in jobs that play to their strengths. Understanding what that is for yourself is an important part of considering the different roles that are available.

Does Facebook operate as a squad environment ?

We take good care of our people. It comes through in benefits that are very focused on families, building it one of the best places for people with a family. I think that one thing that you feel is that teamwork. It’s definitely a place where people collaborate, where they put Facebook first, where they jump right in to do things across the organization that they’re needed.

One of the posters on the wall says, “Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem, ” and I think that’s definitely a the representatives from the way we work together.

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Is there any concern about losing your voice ?

The great thing about Workplace is just like Facebook the product it dedicates everyone a voice. It’s an excellent way to democratize communication from Mark down to the summer interns and back again. We have more Groups than people who work at Facebook. Of course, we have traditional squad Groups, but for us, we have groups that represent, it’s not based on hierarchy but based on cross-sectional projects, and there are all kinds of affinity groups: parents of children with particular interests, Game of Thrones interest. Anything you can think of. And, of course, we also have employee resource groups.

What work-life improvements have you added over the past few years ?

We’ve listened to our people in terms of what’s important to that. One of the big things we launched last year was four months of parental leave for men and women, and across the whole world , no matter what office you’re in, you can take four months of parental leave. We’re actually interested in stimulating it the best place for households, however you define your family.

How has the interview process changed ?

We’ve always looked for builders.

If anything, our interview process is more efficient, but it hasn’t changed dramatically. We’ve always looked for builders. We’re still looking for builders. We’re looking for people who will look at something and think, “Huh, that works pretty well. I think it could be even a little bit better.”

We’re looking for people who can show examples of having done that whether it’s in school or in a work environment or in a volunteer scenario. We’re looking for people who really want to have an impact , not only want to have the opportunity to want to have an impact.

What do you enjoy most about is currently working on the company ?

I love the people at Facebook. It’s a family to me. Facebook has ruined me for every other company. I can’t imagine running anywhere else. It’s such a collecting of amazing, smart, challenging, fun, warm, caring people, and, for me, that’s the most important thing.

What at Facebook would you like to see added in the future ?

I’m really happy with the collect of conveniences and benefits that we have at Facebook. I’d mostly just be sure that we’re representing all the different people as we move forward and continue to grow. People of all different life-stages: people who are caring for elderly mothers, people who are caring for young children and households, people who are just out of college.

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