Google Maps’ Foursquare-like listings feature is getting closer to launch

A feature that will allow Google Maps users to stimulate listings of places is getting closer to public launch. A number of Google Maps users this month have uncovereda new addition to their Google Maps mobile application a way to stimulate listings of starred and favorite places, as well as create buckets listings of those places they want to visit, and a means to build out their own custom lists.

The feature, which is reminiscent of Foursquares own list-making tools, has been in testing for months with the Google Local Guides program a program that rewards users for their contributions to the Maps community with early access to new features. It was first reported the summer months as being available to those Local Guides who had achieved a Level 4 or higher and were use Android devices.

This week, however, Google emailed its Local Guides to let them know the feature was available on both iOS and Android to those who had attained a Level 2 or higher.( These levels are awarded based on members participate and contributions to Maps, by adding things like business reviews and photos, among other things .)

A number of Google Maps users havespotted the lists toolshowing up intheir own Maps mobile application, ahead of its public launching. Some of these users are Level 2 Local Guides, however, which explains why theyre insuring the listings alternative appear 😛 TAGEND

There is perhaps some crossover between the listings feature and Googles newer travel planning app, Google Trips , which helps you create lists of Saved Place entailing those you want to visit at your destination.

However, the Maps list-making tool is broader in scope, allowing you to keep track of any place you want to remember, whether thats your favorite local eateries or placesyou want to go at some phase in the future. That sets it in more direct rivalry with Foursquares app, as well as those from smaller startups, like Soon .

If you have access to this feature, youll find it under the Menu option, in the Saved tab of the Your Places section.

Weve asked Google for a comment on the status of the public launch, but the companydeclined to provide details beyond saying that its always experimenting with new features in Google Maps and the decision to launch to all is decided by user feedback.

Updated 1/11/ 17, 1:30 PM ET with Google response .

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