Game that rewards players for killing Indigenous Australians pulled from app stores

Survival Island 3 Australia Story 3D removed from Apple and Google app stores after public outcry over gameplay showing an Aboriginal man being beaten to demise with a stone axe

A mobile game that purportedly rewarded players for bludgeoning Indigenous Australians to demise has been removed from both Apple and Google app stores following public outcry.

Survival Island 3 Australia Story 3D tasked players with surviving in the outback. A cached snapshot of video games taken by Google as it appeared in Apples iTunes store on 12 January displays its description: Your goal is to survive.

Beware of angry animals, especially if you dont have any weapon. At nights, there is really dangerous,( sic) try to hide somewhere Hunt animals or grow plants you have to eat something.

You also have to fight with aboriginals[ sic] you invaded their home!

A screenshot used to promote video games in the Apple iTunes store presented an in-game alert of Beware of Aborigine!

Released on 14 December and priced at $4.49 AU, it was listed as appropriate for players of 12 years old and up, for infrequent/ mild realistic violence, cartoon or fantasy violence, and horror/ dread themes.

Googles cache reveals it was available to download from the Google Play store on 13 January, with more than 1,200 the examinations and a rating of 4. 2 starrings out of five.

A series of video walk-throughs of Survival Island 3 posted to YouTube have been removed by the user R2 Darksaber since it was linked to by New Matilda; in one, R2 Darksaber reportedly explained he was searching for natives in video games before before beating to demise an Aboriginal man with a stone axe.

Reporting on the public outcry, gaming news website Player Attack said R2 Darksabers uploads demonstrated he takes great delight in playing the game …

The video demonstrates a first-person view of beating an Aboriginal man to death with a blunt weapon while the voiceover cackles joyfully. The gamer is rewarded with a boomerang and what looks like a stone arrowhead and R2 Darksaber is disillusioned with the haul.

Another video depicting 11 minutes of game play uploaded by an Android user remains on YouTube but does not show any violence towards Aboriginal characters.

[ youtube https :// watch? v= ObLY9 6-U7Tc? wmode =op aque& feature= oembed]
A video showing game play of Survival Island 3 Australia Story 3D.

A petition calling for the removal of video games was started on Friday night, and now has more than 48,300 signatures.

Petition founder Georgia Mantle told Guardian Australia she first became aware of the game when a friend tweeted a screenshot of it; it was then discussed in the Students Support Aboriginal Communities Facebook group, of which she is a member.

Writing from Timor Leste, Mantle said the responses to the petition had been amazing.

There have been a few trolls who seem to think the assassination of Aboriginal characters is not any different to the deaths of other characters in other video games but I have taken my time to point out that is is different because it has historical reflections of the real experiences of Aboriginal peoples names Australia. And that fact that the matter is game encourages you to kill people based on their race stimulating it very different to violence in other games.

Apples App Store guidelines for developers tells apps will be rejected for any content or behaviour that we believe is over the line.

What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once told, Ill know it when I see it. And we think that you will also know it when you traverse it.

Survival Island 3 is not currently available to download from either the Australian or United States iTunes stores , nor the Google Play store.

Mantle said she was aware the app had been removed. I would like to see a statement and apology from the hosts and the developer though, as it is not enough to just mutely withdraw existing app.

Both Google and Apple have been contacted for commentary, as have GFTEAM, listed as the games developer in the Google Play store.( The iTunes store attributed it to Kristina Fedenkova .)

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