Opportunity The Rapper Bought A Lot Of’ Get off’ Tickets So Fans Could See It

Chance the Rapper actually liked Jordan Peeles new horror movie, Get Out. He liked it so much that he very excitedly tweeted about the cinema, a scary-yet-funny flick that tackles modern American race relations, on Sunday.

But his all-caps enthusiasm didnt objective there.

Six hours later, Chance shared a bit more calmly the news that hed bought all the tickets for Get out describes the rest of the day at Chatham 14 Theaters in Chicago so that people could see the movie for free.

Just pull up with ID and enjoy the movie, he tweeted.

Chatham 14 confirmed with The Huffington Post that Chance indeed performed this very kind act.

Chance came to the theater unannounced and purchased all of the available tickets for Get off on Sunday then tweeted out to his fans, a representative from the theater told HuffPost. The tickets were run within minutes.

Some fans tweeted at the Grammy award-winning artist, boasting pictures and videos of their free tickets with messages of thanks.

Chance wasnt the only one who expended some dough on Get out over the weekend, though. The low-budget flick reached No. 1 at the box office and raked in $30.5 milliondomestically its opening weekend.

It also boasted a rare 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, at the least for a little while, and critics from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times praised its grandeur.At least one movie reporter ran in so far to claim that the last horror movie to receive such widespread rave reviews was Roman Polanskis 1965 Repulsion. Well take all of that as a scary good sign that Get Out is one to see.

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