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Kelis Has Written a Cookbook

Our youth comes full circle today, because Kelis has authored a cookbook. Previously you knew the R& B vocalist for her hit single Milkshake, the awkwardly erotic sung that somehow stimulated its style into secondary school dances, your moms automobile, and Mean Girls( hey Kylie !). Shes now teaching us how to cook yam souffle among other dishes, which is funny because based on everything I knew about her before, I always guessed shed make a great souffle.

Kelis says food has always been a big part of( her) life, and that she picked up many recipes while touring internationally during her singing career. After ten years in the music industry, she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, the most prestigious culinary school in the world. She even titled her most recent album Food, which explains why we havent heard it at the clubs, and why Im currently streaming it as we speak.

The recipes in My Life On a Plate include shredded beef sliders, vegetable buckle, chocolate chip cookies with sea salt potato chips, and goat cheese ice cream. Critics have hailed the book as serious, ambitious and joyful, which shes probably tired of hearing after the reviews for Milkshake. Regardless, this is a great comeback for her and I cant wait to find out WTF vegetable buckle is.

[ youtube https :// watch? v =p GL2rytTraA]

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Streaming for joy: how to master internet Tv

21 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you take control of Netflix, Roku, iPlayer and other streaming services and devices.


1. Make use of multiple profiles


Netflix lets you set up a maximum of five separate profiles for people to share your account: its a great route of constructing sure the viewing habits of your children( or your better half) dont affect the recommendations and currently playing titles that you see when you log into Netflix. Even if you dont have any family members to share your Netflix subscription with, you can create different profiles for different moods, complete with their own viewing histories and recommendations. Opt the Manage Profiles option from the Netflix menu on the web to create and edit profiles.

2. Save data usage on mobile devices


If youre watching Netflix over a 3G/ 4G connect then you might want to limit the amount of data used( for the sake of your phone bill ), but you cant do this from within the Netflix mobile apps themselves. Instead, you need to go to the Netflix web portal, choose Your Account from the main drop-down menu, and then select Playback sets. The option you pick here applies across all of the devices you view Netflix on you can see how much data is used per hour alongside each entry in the list.

3. Add extra features with a browser extension


The Flix Plus browser extension for Google Chrome( search for it online in the Chrome Web Store) adds a total of 22 tweaks to enhance the standard Netflix website in various ways. They include tweaks to filter your recommendations, identify recommendations youve already watched, rearrange home screen segments, hide any spoilers that might be shown in associated images and text, add extra keyboard shortcuts and the option to add notes to the list of films and television shows you want to watch. Ratings from the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes are shown right inside Netflix too.

BBC iPlayer

4. Download new programs automatically


Downloading television shows to your various devices rather than streaming them ensures youve got something to watch even when youre without internet access, and another reason to install the desktop clients for Windows or Mac( via the iPlayer downloads segment) is that they include an option called Series Record. Enable this setting once youve downloaded one programme and new episodes of your choice series are then saved automatically( presuming the application is running ), saving you the difficulty of recollecting when theyre on. Note that downloaded programs using the same expiration date as those streamed from the main iPlayer website.

5. Restart shows that have already begun


You might know you can use iPlayer to watch the BBC channels live( if you have a valid TV licence ), but you might not know that its possible to jump back for the launching of a programme at any point. From the main iPlayer site on the web, click Channels and then choice the Watch live option. If you hover over the playback window, a Restart the current programme link appears( you can also jump back to any point via the playback bar ). Its a useful style of catching up with live programs if youve merely missed the start.


6. Queue up videos to watch later


Youll find a YouTube app on most smart TVs and streaming devices, and through YouTube you can also get at movies and shows youve bought via Google Play. One of the playlists YouTube creates on your behalf is called Watch Later, and you can save videos to it from anywhere youre signed in with your Google account from the web, mobile apps, streaming dongles, smart TVs and so on. On the YouTube web portal, for example, click Add to and then Watch Later on any video page. Its a handy style of bookmarking content for future watching.

7. Use your telephone as a YouTube remote


If you have a smart Tv or dongle with a built-in YouTube app available on it, its possible to use YouTube on Android or iOS to control playback and pick new clips. On many defines and devices( such as the Chromecast) this happens automatically via the sorcery of Wi-Fi, but if not you can configure the setup manually: head to pair and follow the instructions to connect your television set up to your phone. The same process can be used to pair up games consoles with a YouTube app running on a mobile device.


8. Use your smartphone as a remote


Every Roku comes with a distinctive and intuitive remote control, but if it gets lost or you need a change for whatever reason then you can use your smartphone instead. Download the official Roku app for Android or iOS and it lets you browsing, add and rate channels on any Roku model, as well as enter text more easily through your devices touchscreen keyboard. The mobile Roku apps also support voice search, so you can speak out queries looking for particular movies, reveals, actors or directors.

9. Play local files on your Roku


Roku isnt just for streaming video content over the web: it can also play local files and videos stored elsewhere on your home network. You first need to install the Roku Media Player channel from the official directory once its up and running the app will spot files on attached USB drives( if your Roku has a USB port) as well as those available on your local network through the popular DLNA standard. Media server applications including Twonky, Windows Media Player, Plex and Tversity are supported. Check the Roku support site for a list of compatible file types.

10. Change the appear of the Roku interface


You dont inevitably have to settle for the purple colour scheme that the Roku software wears by default. Head into the Settings pane then choose Themes to pick something different there are a number of free topics on offer and you can follow the Get more themes link to look at some premium topics available over the web. Its possible to customise the Roku screensaver as well from the Settings menu. To move individual channels on the Roku home screen, select a channel icon, tap the superstar button on the remote and choose Move channel.


11. Listen on your headphones

Enjoying your on-demand video content late at night or early in the morning can be tricky if there are other people in the house. One style around this is to pair a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones with your Amazon Fire TV the audio is then streamed direct to your ears instead of through your televisions speakers. From the main Fire TV interface, going to see Settings, then Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, and then Other Bluetooth Devices. Select Add Bluetooth Devices and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the headphones. The same technique works for Bluetooth speakers too.

12. Install apps from the web


Navigating around Amazons app store from the Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick isnt the smoothest of experiences, but you can send apps straight to your device from a web browser its usually easier to browse for apps with a mouse and a keyboard. As long as youre signed into the same Amazon account in both your browser and on the device itself, youll find a Get App button appear when youre looking through the app section of Amazons online store. Product descriptions, reviews, developer info and more are all listed on the site.

13. Use an Amazon tablet as a second screen


Those of you who have splashed out on an Amazon Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet can use it as a second screen: its possible to control playback, opt new episodes and movies, and more besides on your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. To get the feature up and running, going to see Settings on the Amazon Fire TV, then prefer Display& Sounds and Second Screen Notifications. Both devices need to be on the same home network and associated with the same Amazon account, and new function icons will appear in the Amazon Video app.


14. Open up your Chromecast to guests


You can configure your Chromecast to accept audio and video rivers sent from phones, tablets or laptops that arent on the same Wi-Fi network: its called Guest Mode, and it lets you permit friends to beam content to your TV without letting them on your network. To configure Guest Mode, open the Devices tab in the Chromecast app for Android or iOS, tap the menu button on the relevant Chromecast( three horizontal dots) and choose Guest Mode. Your guests will need the PIN code shown by the Chromecast, and currently the feature only works for guests with Android devices.

15. Turn on your Tv with your Chromecast


Thanks to the technology built into the Chromecasts HDMI connector, you can turn on many modern TV sets at the same time as you start casting thanks to a protocol called HDMI-CEC. Youll need to check your televisions manual to see if you have it, but most situates now do its not always called the same thing, though( Sony refers to it as BRAVIA Sync or BRAVIA Link while Samsung calls it Anynet +, for example ). HDMI-CEC is automatically enabled on the Chromecast but it might be switched off on your television, so check through the relevant defines screens.

16. Chromecast your Android devices screen


With smartphones and tablets operating Android 4.4.2 or higher, its possible to cast the entire screen to your dongle a useful option to have if youre using apps without native Chromecast support. Open the main menu from the Chromecast app on Android, then select Cast screen/ audio to get started( on some devices theres also a Cast option on the quick defines drawer, accessed with a two-finger swipe from the upper part of the screen ). Audio output is transferred too, and the Chromecast dongle adapts to show your device in portrait or landscape modes as required.

17. Find out more about the Chromecast wallpaper


By default your Chromecast displays a slideshow of handpicked photos from various online services when youre not actually casting anything. To find out more about a specific image, open the Chromecast app, tap the Device tab and then tap the image( or only use the whats on my Chromecast? voice command in Google Now on Android ). To change the photos used by your Chromecast, tap Edit Backdrop from the Devices tab you can use images from your Google, Flickr and Facebook accounts if you wish, as well as enable or disable the compact weather report on the screensaver.


18. Customise the home screen


You can personalise the fourth-generation Apple TV home screen as easily as you can on an iPhone or iPad, and it helps to get your most-used apps and channels up near the upper part of the page. Press and hold on the Siri remote touchpad( at the top) and the currently selected icon begins to shake you can then swipe on the touchpad to posture the app icon somewhere new. If you want to uninstall an app completely( and remove its icon at the same hour ), press the Play/ Pause button while the icon is wobbling.

19. Talk to Siri


Hold down the Siri( microphone) icon on the remote and you can search your Apple TV and the web at large using your voice: try show me action movies from the 80 s or show me new Tv comedies, for example, or something like will I require an umbrella tomorrow? or even what was the Celtic score last night? When youre watching something, you can use voice commands brought forward 30 seconds or go back five minutes. Ask what did he/ she say? and the Apple TV rewinds the current video by 15 seconds and temporarily enables subtitles.

20. Set up separate speakers


The Apple TV plugs into your big screen television via an HDMI cable, but you dont inevitably have to send the audio to your TV set any AirPlay-compatible speakers can be used. From Settings, choose Audio and Video then Audio Output to select a new device. The Apple TV itself is an AirPlay device too, so you can stream audio and video to it from an iPhone or iPad, as long as theyre on the same Wi-Fi network: drag up from the bottom of the screen in iOS to find the AirPlay option.

21. Play your favourite iOS games


The latest Apple TV features a brand new tvOS, enabling the device to supporting full third-party apps for the first time, and as a result a lot of developers are busy creating TV-specific versions of their games. If youve bought premium games on iOS, in most cases you wont have to pay for them again on the Apple TV to see if your previous buys have new Apple TV editions available, go to the front page of the App Store, select Bought from the top menu and then pick Games from the category list.

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Harper Lee’s article for FBI magazine on infamous killings procured

Biographer of To Kill a Mockingbird author finds unsigned piece on quadruple slaying at centre of Truman Capotes In Cold Blood

The discovery of an earlier manuscript from the US novelist Harper Lee was the publishing sensation of last year but now her biographer, Charles J Shields, believes he has found another previously unknown Lee text a feature article about a notorious real-life quadruple murder.

The piece was written for the March 1960 issue of the Grapevine, a magazine for FBI professionals, just months before she was to publish her classic fiction, To Kill a Mockingbird. It was unsigned, but Shieldss detective work uncovered evidence which appears to confirm its true authorship.

The article was about the gruesome slaying of Herb and Bonnie Clutter, and their teenage children Nancy and Kenyon at their farmhouse in Kansas. Lee accompanied her childhood friend Truman Capote on his assignment for the New Yorker, reporting on how the community was reacting to the brutal murders.

Harper Lees feature article about a notorious real-life quadruple assassination of the Clutter family in Kansas, published in the March 1960 issue of the Grapevine Photograph: The Grapevine

Their interviews included detective Alvin Dewey of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and they afterwards returned for the trial of the killers. Capote would afterwards use the material in his non-fiction account, In Cold Blood, downplaying Lees contribution in describing her as his research assistant. The events, in turn, were depicted in two movies, Capote and Infamous.

In her article, Lee wrote of the most extraordinary assassination case in the history of the state. She reported that the murder victims prominent Methodists and leaders in community activities had been bound hand and foot and shot at close range Clutters throat had been cut.

She continued: Deweys role was doubly hard; the late Herbert Clutter was a close personal friend The clues Dewey and his colleagues worked on in the beginning were meager[ sic ]. The killers took with them the firearm and shells used to slaying the family; adhesive tape are applied to gag three of the victims could have been bought anywhere However, in the cellar furnace room where Clutters body was found, examiners discovered a clear footprint etched in blood.

Harper Lee succumbed last February aged 89. Photograph: Lee Celano/ WireImage

She reported that two men afterward confessed to the murders and that specific activities netted them between $40 and $50 in cash.

Shields procured the article while rewriting his 2006 bestselling biography, Mockingbird: a Portrait of Harper Lee. He told the Guardian that he was looking for any clues he might have previously overlooked. He began poring over Kansas newspapers and, in the Garden City Telegram, began reading a column by Dolores Hope, who I already knew was a friend of Harper Lee, he said.

Hopes folksy columns were never very newsy, but he was astonished by an extraordinary couple of paragraphs alerting readers to a forthcoming article.

Hope wrote: The tale of the work of the FBI in general and KBI Agent Al Dewey in particular on the Clutter slayings will appear in Grapevine, the FBIs publication.

Nelle Harper Lee, young novelist who came to Garden City with Truman Capote to gather material for a New Yorker publication article on the Clutter case, wrote the piece. Miss Harpers first novel is due for publication the following spring and advance reports say it is bound to be a success.

How right she was. Lee became one of Americas most revered novelists. To Kill a Mockingbird a story of race relations and legal injustice established in the American south in the 1930 s has been described as one of the great bestselling novels of the 20 th century. In 1962, it inspired the Oscar-winning film starring Gregory Peck as lawyer Atticus Finch. When Lee was asked why she did not write another fiction, she responded: I have said what I wanted to say, and I will not say it again. Go Defined a Watchman, which features characters from Mockingbird about 20 years later was published last year to mixed reviews. Lee died in February aged 89.

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TripAdvisor’s business practices under review by FTC as more travelers say their warns of rapes, injuries were … – USA TODAY

Business Insider

Uber Reportedly Fires 20 After Harassment Probe

Uber has fired 20 employees as part of a larger investigation into harassment claims, the company is proving to HuffPost.

The firings came after an independent law firm completed an investigation into 215 human resources asserts, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Of the 215 claims, 100 resulted in no action; 31 necessitated employees to receive additional training; seven prompted written warnings; and 57 are still being investigated.

Uber announced the firings at an all-hands on Tuesday, according to The New York Times .

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is resulting a separate investigation into sexual harassment and discrimination assertsat company. Uber board member Arianna Huffington, the former editor-in-chief of HuffPost, is helping supervise Holder’s probe. That investigation has concluded, but has yet to be publicly addressed.

In February, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler detailed her experiences at the company in a revealing blog post, describing what she says was a nightmarish, sexist work environment.

Fowler wrote that her superior propositioned her for sexuality. When she reported the incident to Uber HR, Fowler says her claims were rejected and she was instructed to either find another team to work for or accept negative performance reviews in the future.

The post prompted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to call for an internal investigation.

On Monday, Uber human resources chief Liane Hornsey told USA Today the greatest sources of internal displeasure at the company are pay and pride , not sexual harassment.

“[ Fowler’s] blog shocked me ,” Hornsey said.” But, what did surprise me, was when I did the listening sessions, this didn’t come up as a question. It wasn’t one of our big themes. Other things came up that are in that area, that our values are masculine and a little aggressive, but the harassment issue, I merely didn’t find that at all .”

Fowler criticized Hornsey’s findings on Twitter as” more of the same old gaslighting from Uber HR .” The former Uber engineer also used Tuesday’s firings to cast doubt on the company’s ability to scrutinize itself.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Christmas monster advert divides opinion

Image copyright John Lewis

A giant snore monster called Moz has split critics online, after it was disclosed as the starring of this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

The eagerly foresaw ad from the high street store tells the story of a little son and his relationship with an imaginary ogre living under his bed.

It features a covering of The Beatles song Golden Slumber by Elbow.

Viewers cast their verdicts on Twitter: “So ready to cry, ” said one . “Lost their magical touch, ” said another.

The ad has appeared on the store’s Youtube channel and will preview on television on Friday night.

Reviews so far have included “heart-warming” to “disappointing“, with some questioning how “Christmassy” the story was.

The campaign follows the release of other big-budget festive ads from Marks and Spencer, Argos and Debenhams.

You may also like 😛 TAGEND ‘Embarrassing’ car insurance photo gaffe shared online Facebook founding president audios alarm Little girl’s stolen puppy returned by thieves Image caption Joe wakes up on Christmas morning to find a gift from his ogre friend Image caption Marks and Spencer’s advert ensures Paddington Bear unknowingly saving Christmas for his neighbours

CornerJob suitcases $19 M to keep growing its blue-collar hiring platform

Barcelona-based blue-collar recruitment app CornerJob has shut a $19 million Series C. It last raised in July 2016, when it took in a $25 M Series B round$ 5M of which was a media for equity agreement investment. It also closed a $10 M Series A in February of the same year. Total funding to date is now pegged at $54 M.

The new financingwill be used for product growth, says CEO David Rodriguez, as well as bolstering its position in strategic marketplaces and expanding into some new ones.

CornerJob focuses on low-skill, high-turnover recruitment, aimingto streamlinethe hiring and job-search process via a lightweight mobile app that lets employers advertisejobs via its location-based app platform, as well as shortlist and chat with potential recruits.

Its alsobuildingSaaS tools for employers aimed at speeding up the hire process andultimately resulting insuccessful hires which is how it intends to monetize.Among its investor roster is the VC arm of human resources giant, Randstad, snooping some clear synergies.

Onthe job seekers side, as with other mobile startupsplaying in this app space, CornerJoboffers quick and easy location-based job search that can be filtered by sector aiming to do away with the need for CVs for this jobseeker segment.

On the product side, we will keep on improving presidential candidates experience, but we will[ also] concentrate a lot on providing more productivity tools for companies, step up our machine learning initiatives, and reinforce our presence on all elements of the recruitment value chain. For instance on the transactional part with many iterations planed on the service weve launched together with Randstad, says Rodriguez.

New tools include the flash questions feature which lets companies to ask multiple selection topics very specific to the job offer and translate into a chat bot interaction on the candidate side to build the experience always seamless. Were also introducing a decide of features that add more transparency on candidate and company behaviour on the platform with reviews, ratings, response times, etc. These are just a few examples of evolutions underway, he adds.

CornerJob is active in four marketplaces at present, namely: France, Italy, Spain and Mexico, with France and Italy( where it launched first) being its biggest marketplaces. It had previously deemed expanding into either the UK or Germany by the end of last year but that move is still to come.

An( unnamed) European market and the US are the places its eyeing to expand now, it says.

The blue-collar recruitment app space has triggered something of a race among European startups with multiple players vying for chore seekers including Accel-backed JobToday, which inked a $35 M media for equity handled in March, and which operates in the UK and Spain. A longer term player in the recruitment space, Jobandtalent, also pivoted into mobile hiring for SMEs last year. Though different players claim to be putting a bit of a different spin on their recruitment offer.

CornerJob isnt breaking out how many task seekers it has on its platform at this point it says it prefers to focus on shortlistings as indicative of itsjobs marketplace functioning as intended; and on that front it says it has 700 k per month( saying this isgrowing at an average compound monthly growth of 30 per cent ). On the employer side, its reached 150,000 registered companies, and has7 4 per cent asrepeat listers on a monthly basis. Its joblisters are growing1 0 per cent month over month, it adds.

Rodriguez adds that its expecting to close an additional media for equity agreement with a major media player to help push its geographical expansionas part of the Series C although its not quite nailed that piece down yet, hence the Series Cbeing smaller than the Series B.

Investors in thislatest money round include Northzone, Randstad Innovation Fund,, Samaipata Ventures, Caixa Capital Risc, Sabadell Venture Capital, Mediaset Italia, Mediaset Espaa, Groupe TF1, 5M Ventures, Media Digital Ventures, Augesco Ventures and TV Azteca.

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10 Reason Every Traveler Will Find A Tiny Piece Of Home In Bali

The year of 2015 wasincredible for me.

I feel like I experienced more highs and lows last year than ever before in my life.

From a disappointing failed relationship and a devastating cancer diagnosis to a brand new shot at life and chasing my dreamings with passion, my outlook on life has changed drastically.

And part of that outlook change was a life-altering trip to Bali, Indonesia.

When my cousin first proposed the idea of Bali, my head was spinning.

I’ve been all over the United States and have friends scattered across different regions.

I have memories imbedded into my brain of the sandy beaches ofOregon, wet streets ofSeattle, snowy mountains ofVermont, the reddened clay dirt onmy hiking shoes from Colorado and the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

I’ve swam in crystal clear water and sipped mojitos on the beach in Miami, strolled the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in a hoodie and played an acoustic display at a small club in Nashville.

Travel is one of my absolute favorite ways to shake off my day-to-day routines for a little bit and experience something different and outside of my consolation zone.

But Bali?

Bali meant an entirely different culture, time zone and country.

Sure, I’ve been to Canada plenty of hours, but that was the extent of my non-US travel experience.

I had planned to go to Europesomeday, just likeI had planned to go to South America and visit my Colombian relativessomeday.

But then, the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world presented itself.

So, I booked the journey, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Here are my top 10 reasons you need to construct Bali your next destination 😛 TAGEND

1. Bali is beautiful.

You can Google the images if you dont believe me, but Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Withwhite sandy beaches, incredible mountain ranges, lush green jungles and clear emerald waters teeming with colorful fish, stingrays, turtles and dolphins, I couldnt believe I was actually there.

The natural beauty of the country is breathtaking.

2. Bali is rich in culture.

I felt like I had literally stepped into another world when I got off the plane.

Despite more modern conveniences like cell phones, WiFi, autoes and fast food places by the airport, the people of Bali are still highly traditional and deem much of their traditions sacred.

There are shrines and temples on every corner.

There are small flower basket offerings forspirits that areplaced reverently on doorsteps and in vehicles to bring good luck.

A lot of attention is also given to the traditional clothing and customs in everyday life.

Even though Bali has become a popular travelling destination over the last 20 years, the adherence to Indonesian culture and lifestyle allows tourists like myself to have a peek into what ancient Bali must have been.

3. The food alone is worth the trip.

With all the spices, flavors and the presentation, it was a culinary delight to sample the fruit, vegetables and various rice and meat dishes at the resorts and restaurants we discovered.

I still lust after those brunches.

I dont suppose I will ever have more delicious smoothies with fresh, tropical fruits picked that morning than we experienced at Alila Ubud.

4. Its the capital of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yogis from all over the world come to Bali for the ambiance and the connection.

Just think ofEat Pray Love( which I read while lounging on the beach sipping on a fresh green coconut ).

There are spa therapies, meditation, peaceful tranquility and a sense of calm.

Oh how I want to go back!

5. Its one of themost slow-paced places to visit.

No one is in a hurry.

Despite the culture changes and the completely different wayof life the Balinese operate by, one of the biggest things that struck me was the contentedness and positivity that was exuded by almost everyone I met.

From the oldest to the youngest, we were offered smiles, warmth and happiness( good karma) everywhere we went.

There is a sense of relaxation and flexibility thereI have never encountered in the US.

American culture says busy equals productive, which equals purpose and satisfaction.

Even when were on vacation, we dont truly has been able to just relax.

We have to fill our days with something, or else we feel like weve wasted precious time.

This isn’t so with the Balinese.

They are hard workers, and they all support the familial and communal structure.

But, day ismuch more languid and liquid there.

I felt so rejuvenated and refreshed when I returned( minus the heavy plane lag and exhaustion from the return travelling ).

I think it was from how freeing it felt to be in such a positive atmosphere 24/7.

6. Bali is cheap.

There is no such thing as fresh, free water in Bali( which we entirely take for granted here in the US ).

However, “its one” of the most affordable journeys Ive ever taken.

The dollar can be stretched pretty far.

Massages for$ 5 on the beach? Yes, please.

I felt like royalty for the entire trip.

7. Its one of the safest travelling destinations.

We were two single women in our 20 s, roaming the Balinese countryside and investigating the Ubud capital.

I never felt unsafe.

Sure, there were plenty of vendors trying to get our attention constantly, but there was never a moment I felt uncomfortable or at risk.

Im sad to say Ive had several moments like that here in the US, but not once while exploring Bali.

8. Everyone wants to help.

The Balinese are truly the most friendly and warm people Ive ever met.

From the resort staff to the locals in township, everyone wanted to start a conversation, simply say hello or phase you in the right direction.

9. There are many exotic animals.

I already mentioned the aquatic wildlife, but the jungles are filled with monkeys, exotic birds, lizards and other fantastic beings that you definitely don’t see here in the Country unless they’re in a zoo.

Riding elephants was genuinely a highlight.

Fighting off a monkey trying to steal my belongings in the Sacred Monkey Forest, however, was not.

But, I was mesmerized by the diversity of the wildlife.

10. Bali is an adventure.

I hikedthrough rice paddy fields, stoodon a balcony overlooking Mount Batur( an active volcano ), sipped coffee on a plantation, snorkeled in the Indian Ocean and enjoyed the sunset on the beach.

I couldn’t help but think this was truly an adventure of a lifetime.

This was a trip I will never forget, won’t stop retelling and will often peruse through pictures of.

I pushed past my comfort zone and detected a whole new and exciting world on the other side.

I hope I will havemany more escapades in my life, and I hope I’ll never forget what Ive learnt from Bali.

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It Took Jake Tapper 23 Tries To Get Donald Trump To Answer This One Question

Thanks to Jake Tapper at CNN, we now know just how many times you need to ask Donald Trump a question to get a straight answer.

Trump was on CNN discussing controversial remarks he made about the magistrate presiding over the Trump University case.

Without getting bogged down in too many of the court case details, Trump and the now defunct Trump University arebeing sued for basically not delivering on the university’s educational promises, leaving many people without money or the real estate education they thought they werebuying.

The case has been ongoing, according to Trump, in no small component due toUS District Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel and his Mexican heritage. Trump basicallyaccused the magistrate of biasbecause ofTrump’s proposal to build a border wall between the US and Mexico.

Thatbrings us to Trump’s hilarious( or hilariously scary) interview with Jake Tapper. Tapper brought up the fact Hillary Clinton said Trump’s attacks against the judge were racist. But, here is all Tapper can get outbefore Trump railroads the question and redirects 😛 TAGEND

Let me ask you about comments you made about the magistrate in the Trump University suit. You said that you thought it was a conflict of interest that he was the magistrate because he is of Mexican heritage, even though he is from Indiana. Hillary Clinton said that that is a racist attack on a federal judge.

From that point on, it’s like Tapper was playing a game of whack-a-mole, constantly trying to stay on phase and smack away any unnecessary explains and answers from Trump.

Trump tried to explain more about the example, the plaintiffs, his disagreement with the judges’ rulings, positive reviews for Trump University, anything he could told me to not addresswhether or not he believed his remarks were racist.

Eventually, aftersurviving a number of interruptions, Tappergot his question out, saying,

I don’t care if you blame him. That’s fine. You can blame every decision. What I’m saying is, if you invoked his race as a reasons for he can’t do his job…

When Hillary Clinton says this really is racist assault and you reject that, if you are saying he can’t do his undertaking because of his race, is that not the definition of racism?

And, after all the interruptions, minutes of backward and forward and increasingly exasperated looks from the extraordinarily patient Jake Tapper, Trump answered Tapper’s question. Tapper only had to politely prompt Trump 23 hours, according to The Washington Post.

When Trump eventually did answer, he explained, of course, he wasn’t being racist.

Even when the journalists win, they still lose, but at the least Tapper get Trump on the record denying what is, in my opinion, an patently racist allegation.

Check out the exchange between Trump and Tapper below.

[ youtube https :// watch? v =P EGUz1OcKoA? feature= oembed& enablejsapi= 1]

Are in favour of Elite Daily’s officer newsletter, The Edge, for more narratives you don’t want to miss .

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