Amazon’s ‘The Big Sick’ is the Sundance-acclaimed rom-com we can’t wait to watch


Kumail Nanjiani might be our next greatrom-com king.

His movie with Amazon Studios , The Big Sick , was a huge hitting at Sundance this year, with reviewers calling it a” breakthrough” with” acute wit .” Michael Showalter of Wet Hot American Summer and Stella directed it, and the screenplay is based on Nanjiani’s own relationship with now-wife and co-writer Emily V. Gordon. The movie follows a young Pakistani-American who falls in love with a white grad student( played by Zoe Kazan ). After they break up because of culture differences, she gets sick and is hospitalized, at which point Nanjiani’s character gets to know her mothers better than he’d ever expected( with Ray Romano playingher dad ).

And now we finally get a trailer( it starts around the: 30 mark ):

[ youtube https :// watch? v= GX3Regj6nAg? feature= oembed]

No release date is available yet, but The Big Sick will reach theaters sometime this summer.

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