Airbnb plummets, Facebook ranks top in tech on Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work 2017

Facebook has risen to the top spot among tech companies on the annualGlassdoorBest Place to Run U.S . rankings.

That seems fitting for the company in a year when it is taking on Slack, Microsoft-owned Yammer, and other workplace cooperation platforms with its ownFacebook Workplace .

Facebooks Head of People, Lori Matloff Goler, told TechCrunch that the social media giant focuses on being astrengths-based organization and wants to be known as an employer thattakes good care of its people overall.

She said, Most employees speak favorably about their ability to have a real impact here.Manytalk about the flexible in the way we work.

Your manager is there to care for you, defined context and help you play to your strengths, give you feedback and aims, but let you do whatever you need to get there. Itsnot about how much time you spend in the office.

This is great for families but was inspired byengineers who, as you know, like to or need to work at different hours and are not seated at their desksall the time.

Facebook also offers a veryattractive parental leave package, she noted.

Glassdoor compiles compensationdata, reviews and ratings by employees about the companies where they work.Itmakes fund through paid job listings, recruiting and employer brandingservices. Its data sample comes from employees who self-select to offer datum there.

Last years top-ranked tech venture, Airbnb, plummeted 34 spots in Glassdoor Best Place to Run 2017.

According to Glassdoor Community Expert, Scott Dobroski, that was largely due to written reviews from employees who said there has been an increasing quantity of red tape and decreasing quantity of transparency from senior leaders in the company as it has grown.

The sharing economys top lodgings business still attained an overall 4.2 rating, out of 5 possible, from employees and did make the listing of Best Place to Run U.S.

He also said Facebook made the listing for the seventh time and topped the tech category because employees raved about their employer, overall, especially around compensation and benefits andperks that make day to day life easier like free meals or transportation.

When it comes to Facebooks regions for improvement, Glassdoor data suggests the company could afford its people greater work-life balance. On a scale from one to five, Facebook employees rated work-life balance at their company around 3.8 compared to Googles 4.1 rating in the category.

Google got somewhat less marks than Facebook on compensation and benefits with a rating of4. 4.

Other areas where employees were asked to score their companies included: career opportunities, culture and values, senior leadership, how strongly theyd recommend their employer to a friend, and the business outlook for their employer.

Whether Facebook can stay atop the listing, or perhaps even top it overall and not just among tech employers remains to be seen.

The future of human resources at Facebook will be about personalization, Goler said.

Students in middle and high school right now have grown up on shared platforms where they can customize their feeds, whether thats on Instagram, or FacebookTheyll enter the work world guessing it should feel similar to those consumer products.

In total, 20 tech companies made the Glassdoor Best Place to Run 2017 listing for the U.S.

Here they are, with their rankings and overall company score, as provided by Dobroski 😛 TAGEND Facebook (# 2, 4.5) Google (# 4, 4.4) World Wide Technology (# 5, 4.4) Fast Enterprises (# 6, 4.4) LinkedIn (# 8, 4.4) Adobe (# 9, 4.3) Paylocity (# 14, 4.3) SAP (# 15, 4.3) MathWorks (# 16, 4.3) Salesforce (# 17, 4.3) Intuit (# 20, 4.3) Docusign (# 23, 4.3) Concur (# 24, 4.3) Akamai (# 25, 4.3) Zillow (# 29, 4.2) NVIDIA (# 30, 4.2) Airbnb (# 35, 4.2) Apple (# 36, 4.2) Microsoft (# 37, 4.2) Texas Instruments (# 42, 4.2)

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