5 things that they are able to build the well-being of CMOs easier in 2017

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Chief Marketing Officers( CMOs) never seem to have enough time to do all of the tasks they need to accomplish in a dedicated day. To be successful, CMO have to delegate and induce informed buy decisions.

Automation has made the work of marketing teams easier, but with so many tools now available, it can be very difficult to find the perfect alternative for a departments wants. Selecting the wrong tools, or being a late-adapter can really set a marketing organization back.

In todays competitive market, its more important than ever that CMOs be ahead of current marketing tendencies, which entails constantly assessing solutions to make sure they address the following five needs.

# 1: Cross-Departmental content collaboration

In 2017, great marketing strategies wont simply be planned. Theyll be carefully designed to ensure the optimum customer experience.

Businesses have already merged sales and marketing in their content strategies, but the coming year will see that cooperation expand to include customer success and product developing. Prezi focuses on storytelling, with a suite of tools to help business teams generate, collaborate, and monitor their results. These types of tools will be even more important as CMOs strive to create the internal and external content strategies that are necessary to reach todays business customers.

# 2: Put account-based marketing into practice

As Forrester predicted, 2017 is the year account-based marketing grows up. Savvy businesses expended much of 2016 learning about account-based marketing, but 2017 means its time to set those concepts into practice. LeadGenius is a leading generation and nurturing tool that attains it easy to scale an account-based strategy.

One of the easiest ways CMOs can grow an account-based marketing strategy is through the use of outbound email. Utilizing the right lead-nurturing tool, businesses can hyper personalize their messages based on a contacts personal predilections, organizational role, and more. Best of all, campaigns can be expanded speedily at a marginal cost increase.

Using LeadGenius, CMOs can refine their databases with up-to-date, accurate contact information for every business they target, including producing the names of multiple decision makers at each organization.

# 3: Revenue visibility for the new CMO

Increasingly, marketers are taking accountability for business revenue, tracking income generated from their campaigns to ascertain ROI. At the same time, B2B marketing is expanding to new channels, forcing marketing professionals to adapt new skill sets to match.

Bizible makes this easier for CMOs, devoting marketers the chance to automate the process of tracking revenue, letting them attach multi-touch marketing attribution to various lead stages and revenue. The end outcome is increased visibility into how different channels contribute at each stage of the buying process. With the right data, CMOs can better track revenue and answer those issues that theyll unavoidably face.

# 4: Find and secure top marketing talent

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a large part of any CMOs work. Yet competition for the best marketing professionals in any given area is fierce, constructing it essential that marketing leaders take an active role in receiving the right people. Just as business have a difficult time procuring good engineers, businesses find that marketers with specialized expertise in top trending areas can be almost impossible to win over from challengers.

Multiple firms try to seduce those marketers who have experience in pipeline management, cross-channel paid media management, operations, and content strategy. Realise this challenge, AngelLists goal is to connect businesses with the specialized talent there is a requirement to. Instead of paying a recruiter, businesses can use this service, which is now the mother company of Product Hunt, to find some of the best marketing talent in the job market.

# 5: Investing in trust

Todays sophisticated marketing professionals place trust as a top priority. In 2017, trust will be an important factor in forming relationships, from IT security to customer service to usability and beyond. Trust will likely be the deciding factor for marketers faced with a wide variety of vendor options and since marketers tend to trust their peers, its highly likely theyll employ networking to situate the right business partnerships. Review sites have also become an increasingly important resource in marketers decisions, with many CMOs using them to stimulate technology-based purchasing decisions.

One emerging review site that I have started to really appreciate is Consumer Affair, which crowdsources reviews to make it easier for marketers to get the information they need before choosing a particular solution. For product marketers, this also means they have an easier route to gather high-quality reviews from their own customers, boosting their online reputation.

CMOs need software to help them manage their tasks and be more effective in everything they do. With the right tools, marketers can launch fully-informed campaigns and assemble results that can help them improve their strategies moving forward. CMOs must equip themselves with the tools of the trade to remain competitive and hopefully, the above tools can help.

John Rampton is a serial entrepreneur who now focuses on helping people to build amazing products and services that scale. He is founder of the online payments company Due. He was lately named# 2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine. Time Magazine distinguished John as a motivations speaker that helps people find a “Sense of Meaning” in “peoples lives”. He currently advises several companies in the bay region .

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