5 Reasons You Should Shop Online Instead Of Attempting Black Friday

When you think about it, the traditional way of shopping on Black Friday basically blends all of the worst things on the planet: early mornings, people in sweat pants, crowd. We didn’t actually think waking up at ass-crack-3 0 and opposing a bunch of housewives for a toaster would appeal to Betches, did we? Of course not.

You might think you want to go shopping on Black Friday, but you could be wrong. Here’s why 😛 TAGEND

Malls are Over

There’s that scene in where the Plastics go shopping at the mall and in 2004, we were all like, OK, that induces sense. But it’s 2016 and malls are basically over as far as we’re concerned. Do you ever meet up with your friends at the mall? Probz not. You know who hangs out at the mall now? High schoolers and also creepy dudes who still think hot girls go to the mall. Pass on shopping at the mall, always.

Crowds are the worst

Unless you’re a total psycho, “youre supposed to” hate crowd. They’re the absolute worst. I don’t know if you know this, but the internet lets you shop from home. Not merely do you get to stay warm at home, you also don’t have to deal with any other people. Why would you stand in the freeze cold for hours to risk get trampled by a bunch of crazy people for a pair of discounted jeans when you could just stay home, get a better discount, and also not set pants on. It’s really a no-brainer.

You don’t have to wear pants

You could wake up before the sunshine rises to get 30% off some bomb accessories, or you could stay in, make yourself a vat of iced coffee and/ or wine, wear your pajamas and do your shopping from home to get the same bargain. I’m actually astonished that anyone would consider going out on Black Friday at all when sweatpants exist. Yeah, you could go shopping in pajamas or sweats that day, but we’re definitely going to magistrate you. By that, I mean, merely don’t do it. Say no to public employ of pajamas. Say yes to private employ of pajamas and staying inside.

Reviews are a thing

You know how you wouldn’t buy a new skirt without asking your friends if it looked good on you first? Reviews are kind of like having a bunch of friends who already own all the stuff you want to buy telling you if it will look good on your or not. You get super trustworthy advice from the strangers who make these reviews because they don’t care about you enough to lie. They get to vent about things they like or don’t like about products, and you get to decide to buy something based on that. Cool.

Sales and Sizes

It altogether sucks when you find something in store, but there’s like one size left and its an XXXS. Like, WTF, right? The cool thing about shopping online is that there are ususally always more sizes to choose from, and you basically always know you’re get the best bargain. Sales show up automatically, it’s pretty much like magic.

Bonus reason: I actually want everything in this post

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