17 Beauty Vloggers Who Teach You To Espouse All Different Kinds Of Beauty

In an industry that’s not exactly known for inclusion, the rise of the beauty vlogger is a welcome change.

On the commercial aim, cosmetic companies have a tendency to disregard the fact not every customer is a white lady with normal-to-dry skin.

From pricey disappointments to nonsense like L’Oreal’s recent tint screwup, it’s not hard to feel like the industry capitalises on playing us.

But the online beauty space is inducing that more difficult by the second. Does a new tint scope suck? YouTubers are all over it. Is the most recent launching a total gimmick? They’ll definitely let us know.

If you want to build the most well-rounded beauty subscription listing in YouTube history, or you merely want to find one gurus who satisfy all of your needs, these influencers are here to help.

Here are1 7 of the internet’s best beauty vloggers 😛 TAGEND

1. Jackie Aina

No one and I mean no one stimulates me holler YASSSS loudly in public places more often than this queen.

Whether you want to choose the perfect foundation tint for your deep scalp tone, you have to deal with oily scalp or you merely generally want to start living your best life, be sure to follow Jackieon all outlets.

2. Tati Westbrook

If you’re a luxury beauty lover and you’re not following her yet, WYD? This pretty lady uploads high-quality content on a daily basis, with her WTF and OMG Tuesday videos racking up millions of views each week.

Want to see what that $300 mask actually does? Want to see if that $100 foundation is all it’s cracked up to be? Check with Tati Westbrook first.

3. Cassie “Thrift Thick”

Sponsored content is a hot-button issue in the online beauty space, since it can sometimes lead to gurus doling out disingenuous reviews.

Fortunately for us, Cassie over at Thrift Thick has made it her mission to give 100 percent honest reviews, 100 percent of the time , no matter how a product comes into her life.

Plus, Cassie’s your girl if you’re a lover of thrift and vintage fashion.

4. PatrickStarrr

Most of us who follow YouTubers religiously are all about espousing that full-glam, cake-face life. PatrickStarrr is one of us, friends.

He also seems gender conformity in the face every day, flips his hair and says, Screw all that. If you’re a guy who’s scared to dive in, let this stunner lead the way!

5. Jessica Haze

There are plenty of brown smokey eyelids fluttering back at us out there, but Jessica Haze offers up something different.

She has a punk aesthetic that’s more runway and less Hot Topic, and her signature seems are anything but typical.

6. Mykie

If you’re way more talented than I am and you have an affinity for special effects makeup, you need to follow Mykie, aka “Glam& Gore” right this second. I’ll wait.

OK, you good?

Now that she’s on your radar, this self-taught makeup artist is about to inject your life with the special effects knowledge you’ll need to scare everyone around you, which is always a reasonable aim to have.

7. MannyMUA

Much like Patrick, Manny sashays away from gender norms while rocking a nude lip and a sickening smokey eye( and drinking his daily boba in the process, likely ). No one is worthy.

8. Tamira Jarrel

Minimalists, gather ’round. If you live the minimal life through and through, the esthetic of Jarrel’s videos alone is about to set your sleek heart aflutter.

Pair that with product roundups, tutorials and some of the most descriptive fragrance reviews out there, and you have a recipe for clean-lined success.

9. Kathleen Fuentes

Dry-skinned ladies and gents likely know all too well that a flaky complexion doesn’t lend itself nicely to makeup application. That’s where Fuentes comes in.

Her makeup tutorials are great for everyone, but her in-depth product reviews are perfect for those who struggle with the same sensitive issues.

10. Huda Kattan

Are you as fascinated with beauty hacks as I am? Probably. That’s one of about six millionreasons you need Huda Kattan in your life.

If it’s trending, it’s money-saving and it’s weird, she’s tried it. Do turmeric masks and cotton eyelash extensions voice cool to you?

Same. Check her out.

11. Iris Beilin

This Afro-Latina goddess is funny, talented and always on-trend. In fact, if there’s a new tendency you’re dying to master( Reverse smokey eye, anyone ?), Beilin will give you the lowdown.

Oh, and she can do it in two speeches.

12. Nicole Young

Why separate your love of makeup and manicures? This queen is as well-versed in OPI as she is in Jouer.

And if there’s a new release, you’ll hear about it( along with the rest of her hysterical stories) on YouTube and Snapchat.

13. Wayne Goss

If you want all of the technological know-how and none of the extra stuff( which is foreign to me, since extra is my default setting ), Goss will never steer your wrong.

He’ll tell you exactly how to pick the right brushes and snatch that nose contour into oblivion.

14. Katy DeGroot

Listen, I merely want to tell you how much I love her. For those of you who like your beauty with a side of short-girl-friendly way, do yourself a favor and follow Katy DeGroot on every single platform.

Her puppies also make regular cameos on Snapchat. What more could you ask for?( Nothing, that’s what .)

15. Desi Perkins

For those of you who want to get sucked into the beauty world in so far that you never have to think about real life again, there’s Queen Desi. Her Hollywood-worthy videos, makeup tutorials and lookbooks are perfect for when you want an immersive experience.

She’s also BFFs with Queen Katy, and they allow us to bask in the glory of their collectiveslayageevery day. #Blessed.

16. Taren Guy

For all things beauty and natural hair, Guy is your girl. She’s gained a fabulous reputation for tackling every natural hair tip-off and trick in the book, and she’s here to share her expertise.

And can we just talk about how beautiful she is? Please?

17. Wengie

Her entire feed is cool-girl heaven.

Not many gurus make the most recent trends work on hooded eyelids, so for anyone struggling to get that wing too sharp for this globe on their hooded lids, Wengie’s tutorials should be taken as gorgeous gospel.

If industry leaders aren’t going to cater to everyone, we might as well hang out over here in YouTube land.They can let us know when they’re ready to catch up.

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